Translation for 'war of aggression' from English to Russian
NOUN   a war of aggression | wars of aggression
агрессивная война {ж}
war of aggression
Partial Matches
объявление {с} войны
declaration of war
завоевательная война {ж}
war of conquest
военнопленный {м}
prisoner of war <POW>
агрессия {ж}aggression
война {ж}
опосредованная война {ж}
proxy war
экономическая война {ж}economic war
гражданская война {ж}
civil war
информационная война {ж}information war
военный корреспондент {м}
war correspondent
оборонительная война {ж}
defensive war
военный плен {м}war captivity
ядерная война {ж}
atomic war
ядерная война {ж}
nuclear war
колониальная война {ж}
colonial war
торговая война {ж}
trade war
прокси-война {ж}
proxy war
таможенная война {ж}tariff war
торговая война {ж}
commercial war
военный преступник {м}
war criminal
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Usage Examples English
  • To avoid this invasion appearing as a war of aggression (no war of aggression could be started without the consent of the estates), the Swedes issued no declaration of war and presented the incursion to the German parliament as aimed solely at restoring peace.
  • Bush, and thus associated Finland with what many Finns considered an illegal war of aggression.
  • As the genocidal slaughter on the Macintyre showed, Walker was completely comfortable waging war of aggression against the owners of the soil, but his war had a social and economic agenda.
  • Lewis, Emir Haqq "turned the sporadic and disjointed forays of his predecessors into a full-scale war of aggression, and apparently for the first time, couched his call to arms in the form of a religious war against the Abyssinian 'infidel'".
  • The diary revealed that Prince Takamatsu bitterly opposed the Kwantung Army's incursions in Manchuria in September 1931, the expansion of the July 1937 Marco Polo Bridge Incident into a full-scale war of aggression against China and in November 1941 warned his brother, Hirohito, that the Imperial Japanese Navy could not sustain hostilities for longer than two years against the United States.

  • Having conceded that much to Fischer, Hillgruber went on to challenge Fischer's argument that Germany had started a premeditated war of aggression in 1914.
  • Ritter claimed that Germany had not started a war of aggression in 1914 but admitted that the situation of the German government had required a foreign policy, which contained the immediate risk of war.
  • war against Vietnam was an illegal war of aggression.
  • The Stimson Doctrine is the policy of nonrecognition of states created as a result of a war of aggression.
  • In 1961, German historian Fritz Fischer published "Germany's Aims in the First World War", in which he argued that the German government had an expansionist foreign policy and had started a war of aggression in 1914.

  • He was found guilty of Counts 1, 27, 29, 31 and 32 of waging a war of aggression and sentenced to life imprisonment on November 12, 1948.
  • The Second Italo-Ethiopian War, also referred to as the Second Italo-Abyssinian War, was a war of aggression which was fought between Italy and Ethiopia from October 1935 to February 1937.
  • Bush, and thus associated Finland with what many Finns considered an illegal war of aggression.
  • In February 2022, she was part of interoperability training operations with the American carrier [...] and the French carrier [...] in the lead up to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.
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