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NOUN   a war of conquest | wars of conquest
завоевательная война {ж}
war of conquest
Partial Matches
объявление {с} войны
declaration of war
агрессивная война {ж}
war of aggression
военнопленный {м}
prisoner of war <POW>
война {ж}
вести войну
to conduct war
война {ж} во Вьетнаме
Vietnam War
вести войну
to wage war
гражданская война {ж}
civil war
военный плен {м}war captivity
таможенная война {ж}tariff war
опосредованная война {ж}
proxy war
военный преступник {м}
war criminal
военное поколение {с}war generation
прокси-война {ж}
proxy war
экономическая война {ж}economic war
информационная война {ж}information war
оборонительная война {ж}
defensive war
военный корреспондент {м}
war correspondent
агрессивная война {ж}
aggressive war
ядерная война {ж}
atomic war
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Usage Examples English
  • Cerebus is eventually elected Prime Minister of Iest, but launches an unnecessary war of conquest that causes him to lose everything.
  • Gladstone was opposed to hanging onto the Sudan, saying in a speech in the House of Commons that sending a relief force to Khartoum would be "a war of conquest against a people struggling to be free.
  • Nobunaga overthrew Yoshiaki and dissolved the Ashikaga Shogunate in 1573, launching a war of conquest to politically unify Japan by force from his base in Azuchi.
  • Sultan Ali's brother and commander Raja Ibrahim died during the war of conquest on 30 November 1523.
  • Although the Chronicles attempted to paint the Crusade as a war of conquest, it was likely more of an unusually bloody phase in the ongoing process by which Finland was incorporated in the Swedish state.

  • Once the rebellions had been put down, Abu Bakr began a war of conquest.
  • When Melanie thwarts him, David decides that his characters will begin a war of conquest with the ultimate aim of destroying the world.
  • The Cape government on the other hand was reluctant to see its local Commandos brought under British imperial command, in what it considered to be essentially a local conflict, not an imperial war of conquest.
  • It describes the preparations of the Portland Protective Association for a war of conquest against the other communities of the Willamette Valley, their actions in response, and the arrival of three English refugees whose coming will help shape events in Oregon.
  • When the unified Mongol army under Genghis Khan began a war of conquest against the Jin dynasty in 1211, both Jurchen and Khitan rebels joined the Mongols in the fight against the Jin dynasty.

  • Hiss and his Snake Men were fighting a protracted war of conquest on the planet Eternia, when they were eventually overcome by the combined magic powers of the planet's Elders.
  • This was originally a part of an Augustinian Monastery (the chapel), but is all that remains since the rest of the monastery was burnt down during Edward I's war of conquest.
  • The song follows the trend of Italian fascist propaganda portraying the invasion not as a war of conquest, but as a war of liberation to abolish Ethiopian slavery.
  • French Canadians also use the term "War of Conquest" (...), since it is the war in which New France was conquered by the British and became part of the British Empire.
  • By 1937, Japan was engaged in a full-scale war of conquest in China.

  • In the French territory, a war of conquest against local communities and political powers continued for about five years.
  • During Ivan the Terrible's war of conquest against the Khanate of Kazan, in August 1552, the Chuvash Orsai and Mari Akpar Tokari princes swore their loyalty to the Grand Duchy of Muscovy at Alatyr on the Sura River.
  • Its last king avoided the spoils and ravage of a Roman war of conquest by leaving the realm by testament to the Roman Empire.
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