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упитанный {adj} [о человеке]well-fed
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Translation for 'well fed' from English to Russian

упитанный {adj} [о человеке]
Usage Examples English
  • was increasingly used in an anti-personnel role, similarly to the earlier-introduced (1940) and more powerful—but much more difficult to keep well-fed with ammunition when in action—German 20 mm Flakvierling.
  • McCourt was a member of the Boy Scouts, a middle-class pursuit the poor could not afford, and family photographs show the children and Angela as well-fed.
  • When alive, the creature weighed about the same as a well-fed mouse (about 30 g).
  • At the start of the novel, Rita has a contempt for Offred and though she is responsible for keeping Offred well fed, she believes a handmaid should prefer going to the colonies over working as a sexual slave.
  • They have very large abdomens when well-fed and exhibit a tremendous colour-range from off-white through tan, brown to almost black.
  • He portrays the Inca as benevolent rulers who governed a country where everybody was well-fed and happy before the Spanish came.
  • The beach contains a very small fenced estuary which is home to several crocodiles. They have lived here for years and are well-fed by the local restaurants, although they are still wild creatures.
  • Food culture is important in China and thus inquiring if one is well-fed implies the speaker's desire to know if the listener has this basic need met.
  • In traditional pastoral, it is more commonly the well-fed denizens of court and city (in contrast to those who live and work in a closer relationship with nature) who are morally corrupt and sensual.
  • It was advertised by a poster with a cartoon depicting the "Gaelic language policy" as a well-fed cow sitting atop the educational system.
  • Bellerive was well fed by a freshwater stream that emptied into Kangaroo Bay, and it still exists running parallel to Rosny Park Public Golf Course as a storm water culvert.
  • Its presence on farmland is an issue for livestock farmers because animals will eat it if they are not well fed or the hemlock is mixed in with pasture grass.
  • Larvae do have a nutrient-rich egg, which keeps them well fed during the developmental period.
  • SCP-1013 reproduce from growths budding off of the tail of a well-fed adult.
  • The 17 clause document was a blueprint for governance and personal conduct that ranged from advice on how to keep the troops happy and well fed to an apology for neglecting his wife.
  • Other tips for preventing hypothermia include staying well fed and hydrated, putting on more clothes when feeling cold, and wearing adequate equipment to keep warm and dry.
  • The teeth are functional, but do not appear to be necessary for capturing or eating squid, as well-fed animals have been found without teeth or even with deformed jaws.
  • A flock of captive great white pelicans in St James's Park, London is well known for occasionally eating local pigeons, despite being well-fed.
  • A well-fed, healthy flamingo is more vibrantly colored, thus a more desirable mate; a white or pale flamingo, however, is usually unhealthy or malnourished.
  • Sights include Poole's Cavern, a limestone cavern; St Ann's Well, fed by a geothermal spring bottled by Buxton Mineral Water Company; and many historic buildings, including John Carr's restored Buxton Crescent, Henry Currey's Buxton Baths and Frank Matcham's Buxton Opera House.
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