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NOUN   a wheat field | wheat fields
SYNO wheat field | wheatfield
пшеничное поле {с}
wheat field
Partial Matches
пшеница {ж}
пшеничное пиво {с}
wheat beer
поле {с}field
картофельное поле {с}
potato field
ячменное поле {с}
barley field
ржаное поле {с}
rye field
хлопковое поле {с}
cotton field
гейзерное поле {с}
geyser field
полевая артиллерия {ж}
field artillery
производственная практика {ж}(учащихся)field trip
заливное поле {с}
paddy field
рисовое поле {с}
rice field
плантация {ж} риса
rice field
магнитное поле {с}
magnetic field
шампиньон {м} (обыкновенный) [Agaricus campestris]
(field) mushroom
электромагнитное поле {с}
electromagnetic field
военно-полевая железная дорога {ж}
military field railway
кукурузное поле {с}
maize field [Br.]
кукурузное поле {с}
corn field [Am.]
полевая мышь {ж} [Apodemus agrarius]
striped field mouse
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Usage Examples English
  • At the base is a prairie wheat field symbolizing Alberta's agricultural industry.
  • According to the "Institut Géographique National" from 1 January 2007 until July 2013 the geographic centre of the European Union was located on a wheat field outside of Gelnhausen.
  • ... e. Wheat Field Walled Village). Its present name came from the fact that the village was surrounded by its protective walls made of green bricks.
  • The center of the logo depicts a Pennsylvania Dutch couple in front of a wheat field.
  • A post office called Wheatland has been in operation since 1878. The community was named for the wheat field near the original town site.

  • Spacht built the first store in what is now Sargent, in July 1883, in the middle of a wheat field.
  • In May 2006 a German computer programmer, Bernd Hopfengärtner, created a large Data Matrix in a wheat field (in a fashion similar to crop circles).
  • Before the sixth lecture, the author included a little tale of a family of quails living in a wheat field.
  • Chamberlin landed in a wheat field outside Eisleben, completing the first transatlantic passenger flight (Charles Albert Levine was the passenger), and breaking Charles Lindbergh's distance record that set only two weeks earlier in Paris, France.
  • In 1969 a new panel housing estate was founded on the northeastern border of Budapest, in a wheat field and a former cemetery, near the Szilas-patak (Szilas Brook), commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Soviet Republic (1919).

  • "Cadillac Ranch" was originally located in a wheat field, but in 1997, the installation was quietly moved by a local contractor to a location two miles (three kilometers) to the west, to a cow pasture along Interstate 40, in order to place it farther from the limits of the growing city.
  • Wonder Bakery Exhibit, in The Food Zone, 1939 New York World's Fair by Continental Baking Company had a wheat field, the first, in 68 years, in New York City.
  • According to the "Institut Géographique National" from 1 January 2007 until July 2013 the geographic centre of the European Union was located on a wheat field outside the town.
  • Ratti documented changes in bird community composition over a 10-year period as he converted a wheat field into a suburban wildlife refuge.
  • The circle was discovered in 1991 by Otto Braasch on an aerial survey photograph that showed circular ridges under a wheat field.

  • Devlin and Poppy run into a nearby wheat field, where they escape detection.
  • When construction of the Ohio & Erie Canal came through Dove's wheat field, he wanted to sue the state.
  • 27 members: On 1 January 2007, with the inclusion of Romania and Bulgaria in the European Union, the geographic centre of the European Union changed to a wheat field outside of the German town Gelnhausen, in the state of Hesse, 115 km east of the previous marker, at [...].
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