Translation for 'whereto' from English to Russian
куда {adv}whereto [archaic]
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Translation for 'whereto' from English to Russian

whereto [archaic]
куда {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • ... 'whereto, whither'). None of the documented languages still include such vowels.
  • The area where the city of Catu was built on is known to have integrated the captaincy of the count da Ponte, whereto many colonists migrated.
  • He is known to posterity primarily for his collection of poems titled "Poems on Various Subjects, whereto is Prefixed a Short Essay on the Structure of English Verse", published in 1765.
  • For this reason Theosophy does give explanations as to the how, why and whereto of life.
  • Srbljanović was born on 15 October 1970 in Stockholm whereto her father Danilo Srbljanović had arrived a few years earlier during late 1960s as gastarbeiter from SFR Yugoslavia in search of better employment opportunities.

  • Many of Topsham's houses are built using Dutch bricks, which were brought over as ballast from the Netherlands – whereto the wool and cotton from South West England had been exported.
  • In 1637 the sculpture was purchased by the city council of Amsterdam, whereto the Cupid had been brought by Van Uffel.
  • July 2020 – The Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia passes a judgement pursuant whereto the Mercator shares temporarily seized in late 2019 by decision of the Public Competition Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, have to be returned to Agrokor without delay.
  • Kennedy was whisked away by police to a train station whereto crowd hurled stones at the departing train.
  • The goal of the “Berlin Model” is to support the process of making useful decisions with regard to the questions “why”, “whereto”, “what” and “how” within a group, considering all the different conditions and situations.

  • When the press ram goes up the upper die also goes up and the side dies are retracted opening the device working space whereto a work piece is fed by a manipulator.
  • On his ascension Augustus moved Saxe-Lauenburg's capital from Neuhaus, whereto Francis II had moved it after the residential castle in Lauenburg upon Elbe (started in 1180–1182 by Bernhard, Count of Anhalt) had burnt down in 1616, towards Ratzeburg, where it remained since.
  • But the band had a pretty good idea what they were doing and whereto they wanted to evolve as a band.
  • A young Gustav Eriksson tried to gather an army, and Öregrund became the port whereto ships with men and weapons were transported.
  • He served as a deputy representative to the Norwegian Parliament in 1854, and later during the term 1862–1863, representing Buskerud whereto he had moved.

  • His father wanted him to become a scientist so he sponsored a yearly trip around Europe; Spanos lived briefly in Italy, Germany and the UK, eventually coming to Paris, France, whereto he eventually moved more permanently in 1961.
  • ... Namely: 1) the end of their foundation; 2) the preparations they have for their works; 3) the several employments and function whereto their fellows are assigned; 4) and the ordinances and rites which they observe.
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