Translation for 'whether' from English to Russian
ли {conj}whether
(Это) зависит от того, ... ли ...It depends on whether ...
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Usage Examples English
  • Pfeuffer told the Columbus Dispatch that he didn't know whether the men were released, whether they had been transferred to Afghan custody, or whether they were still in Guantanamo.
  • It asks whether two graphs are isomorphic. It is not known whether this problem is NP-complete, nor whether it can be solved in polynomial time.
  • For example, social scientists have used it to ask people whether they use drugs, whether they have illegally installed telephones, or whether they have evaded paying taxes.
  • Whether St. Francis wrote several rules or one rule only, with several versions, whether he received it directly from heaven through revelations, or whether it was the fruit of his long experiences, whether he gave it the last touch or whether its definite form is due to the influence of others, all these are questions which find different answers.
  • A defendant may also not have to demonstrate prejudice if the attorney made a key decision about the case against the client’s wishes, including whether to plead guilty (McCoy v. ...

  • Other disputes in this field concern whether rationality depends only on the agent's mind or also on external factors, whether rationality requires a review of all one's beliefs from scratch, and whether we should always be rational.
  • Management includes assessing whether emergency action (including referral) is needed, or whether treatment can be accomplished without additional resources.
  • Important open problems include whether L = P, and whether L = NL. It is not even known whether L = NP.
  • The court needed to look at whether Chapman would have been liable in the same suit Hearse faced against the executor of Dr.Cherry's estate.
  • It is ambiguous whether DUF2693 RNAs function as cis-regulatory elements or whether they operate in "trans".

  • It is unknown whether he actually did kill 544 people, or whether this was just a confession under torture.
  • Powell's opinion declined to decide whether there was also a due process violation, or whether there was an additional equal protection issue in treating fathers differentially depending on whether or not they had been legally married.
  • People may continuously doubt whether they love their partner, whether their relationship is the right relationship or whether their partner really loves them.
  • "Example": whether members are content with the fairness of the group process, whether trust was developed and preserved, or whether commitment to the decision is strong will greatly influence the group's future functioning.
  • This may require additional classes (or interfaces) specifying whether a produce method is available, whether the produce method returns food, and whether the produce method can be used repeatedly.

  • These interviews cover what the church believes to be the most important factors of personal morality and worthiness, including whether the person has a basic belief in key church doctrines such as the divinity of Jesus and the restoration; whether the person attends church meetings and supports the leadership of the LDS Church; whether the person affiliates with Mormon fundamentalists or other people considered by the church to be apostate; whether the person is honest and lives the law of chastity and the Word of Wisdom; whether the person abuses family members; whether the person pays tithing and any applicable spousal or child support; and whether the person has confessed to serious past sins.
  • Debates about public Ivies have centered on whether state budgetary cuts are undermining their future; whether raising tuition at public Ivies has "gentrified" the schools; whether graduates of public Ivies are able to pay back student loans as quickly as their Ivy League counterparts; and whether out-of-state tuition is too high.
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