Translation for 'wind sth. up' from English to Russian
VERB   to wind up | wound up | wound up
winding up | winds up
закончить что-л. [сов.]to wind sth. up [bring to an end]
Partial Matches
заводить разговор о чём-л.to bring sth. up [mention]
придумать что-л. [сов.] [на скорую руку, по требованию]to come up with sth.
записаться на что-л. [сов.]to sign up for sth.
unverified предлагать (решение, план и т.д.)to come up with sth
подступить [сов.] к кому-л./чему-л.to come up to sb./sth.
подступать [несов.] к кому-л./чему-л.to come up to sb./sth.
идти в ногу с кем-л./чем-л.to keep up with sb./sth.
ветер {м}wind
береговой ветер {м}
offshore wind
морской ветер {м}
onshore wind
солнечный ветер {м}
solar wind
ветрогенератор {м}
wind turbine
пронизывающий ветер {м}
nipping wind
пронизывающий ветер {м}
biting wind
духовой инструмент {м}
wind instrument
дыхание {с}wind [esp. Br.] [breath]
наматывать на [+akk.] [несов.]to wind round [roll, thread, rope etc.]
Ветер и лев [Джон Милиус]
The Wind and the Lion [John Milius]
Кто сеет ветер, пожнёт бурю.
They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.
Унесённые ветром
Gone with the Wind [novel: Margaret Mitchell, film: Victor Fleming]
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Translation for 'wind sth. up' from English to Russian

to wind sth. up [bring to an end]
закончить что-л. [сов.]

to bring sth. up [mention]
заводить разговор о чём-л.
to come up with sth.
придумать что-л. [сов.] [на скорую руку, по требованию]
to sign up for sth.
записаться на что-л. [сов.]
to come up with sth
unverified предлагать (решение, план и т.д.)
to come up to sb./ sth.
подступить [сов.] к кому-л./ чему-л.

подступать [несов.] к кому-л./ чему-л.
to keep up with sb./ sth.
идти в ногу с кем-л./ чем-л.
ветер {м}
offshore wind
береговой ветер {м}метео.
onshore wind
unverified морской ветер {м}метео.
solar wind
солнечный ветер {м}астрон.
wind turbine
ветрогенератор {м}электр.
nipping wind
пронизывающий ветер {м}метео.
biting wind
пронизывающий ветер {м}метео.
wind instrument
духовой инструмент {м}муз.
wind [esp. Br.] [breath]
дыхание {с}
to wind round [roll, thread, rope etc.]
наматывать на [+akk.] [несов.]
The Wind and the Lion [John Milius]
Ветер и лев [Джон Милиус]фильмF
They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.
Кто сеет ветер, пожнёт бурю.послов.
Gone with the Wind [novel: Margaret Mitchell, film: Victor Fleming]
Унесённые ветромфильмF
Usage Examples English
  • You will wind up with your index finger very close to the back of your left-hand needle.
  • He acknowledges that while some would call Pertinax's decision to confront the soldiers that would wind up killing him "noble", others would call it "senseless".
  • A perfume named Christian Dior is used in Haruki Murakami's novel "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" as an influential symbol placed at critical plot points throughout.
  • By April there was talk the series would soon wind up.
  • The phrase was coined in the late 1890s from the title of a painting by English artist Francis Barraud, which depicted a Jack Russell Terrier dog named Nipper listening to a wind-up disc gramophone and tilting his head.

  • Before the advent of the starter motor, engines were started by various methods including wind-up springs, gunpowder cylinders, and human-powered techniques such as a removable crank handle which engaged the front of the crankshaft, pulling on an airplane propeller, or pulling a cord that was wound around an open-face pulley.
  • The city features in the 1995 Russian movie "American Daughter", in which the main character and his daughter attempt to travel to Phoenix, Arizona, but wind up in Oregon instead.
  • In 1815, German inventor Johann Maelzel patented his mechanical, wind-up metronome as a tool for musicians, under the title "Instrument/Machine for the Improvement of all Musical Performance, called Metronome".
  • Donkey Kong" is centered around "Mini Marios", wind-up toys that resemble Mario.
  • Specific control techniques are available to solve the problem: model predictive control (see later), and anti-wind up systems.

  • The Pennsylvania Railroad's "Kentuckyian" (Chicago-Louisville) made stops in the city until 1968. The PRR and its successor, the Penn Central, ran the Florida-bound "South Wind" up to 1971.
  • In order to wind up the tape more reliably, the former BASF (from 1998 EMTEC) patented the Special Mechanism or Security Mechanism advertised with the abbreviation SM in the early 1970s, which was temporarily taken over by Agfa under license.
  • Experts who favor this approach to solve a national debt crisis typically argue that a delay in organising an orderly default would wind up hurting lenders and neighboring countries even more.
  • Haruki Murakami's 1995 novel "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" deals greatly with Manchukuo through the character of Lieutenant Mamiya.
  • At the end of World War I Le Havre played a major role as the transit port used to wind up affairs after the war.

  • Robertson has said, "I just think it's shocking how many of these young people wind up in prison and they get turned into hard-core criminals because they had a possession of a very small amount of controlled substance.
  • Evans returned to London to wind up his affairs there and make sure the Ashmolean had suitable direction in the event of his further absence.
  • Owing to their fundamentally good natures, the Dukes often wind up helping Boss Hogg out of trouble, albeit grudgingly.
  • the fact is that too much heartfelt emotion, ingenious belief and patent songwriting savvy rushes through the debut Oasis album for it to be the work of a bunch of wind-up merchants [...] it's like opening your bedroom curtains one morning and discovering that some f—er's built the Taj Mahal in your back garden and then filled it with your favourite flavour of Angel Delight".
  • In other varieties of slow pitch (sometimes known as "modified"), the only restriction is that the windmill cannot be used; thus the pitching arm cannot be raised above the shoulder and both the wind-up and the release must be underhand, still allowing for moderate speed and control in pitching.

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