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NOUN   a word combination | word combinations
словосочетание {с}
word combination
Partial Matches
дословный {adj}word-for-word
сочетание {с}combination
редактировать [выразить/выражать словесно] [сов.] [несов.]to word
слово {с}word
заимствование {с} [заимствованное слово]
loan word
обработка {ж} текста
word processing
корень {м} слова
(word) root
словообразование {с}
word formation
словом {adv}in a word
Сто пудово, так точно! [разг.]Word up! [sl.]
посмотреть слово (в словаре) [сов.]to look up a word
устно {adv}by word of mouth
переброситься парой слов с кем-л. [разг.]to have a word with sb.
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Usage Examples English
  • The name Future Corps is simply a word combination of Epcot's Future World and Drum Corps.
  • In Modern Greek, a double negative can express either an affirmation or a negation, depending on the word combination.
  • The name "Mimaland" is actually an acronym of the word combination Malaysia In Miniature Land.
  • QPW 5 sold well also, though the Microsoft Excel + Word combination was gaining steam.
  • In this case, "did so" appears to stand in for the discontinuous word combination consisting of "met them" and "because we had time".

  • Any word combination that corresponds to a complete subtree can be seen as a phrase.
  • The name "Murrumba" is an Aboriginal word combination, in the Kabi language, meaning "good spirit" or "good place".
  • The word combination is also interpreted as "father of coquetry" or "indulged/pampered/flirtatious daddy" or "spoiled old daddy".
  • Any perceptible difference between the combination of words submitted for registration and the terms used in common parlance of the relevant class of consumers to designate the goods or services or their essential characteristics is apt to confer distinctive character on the word combination enabling it to be registered as a trade mark.
  • In the example above, the word combination "I said" qualifies as a catena in surface structure (without movement).

  • The word combination "home birth" arose some time in the middle of the 19th century and coincided with the rise of births that took place in lying-in hospitals.
  • ParaMind Brainstorming Software is one of many brainstorming software programs and was the first of the generative programs that went beyond random word combination.
  • Gesturing gradually increases as infants connect pointing to word meaning, making a gesture-plus-word combination that will evolve into a two word combination.
  • Its name is derived from a word combination meaning "lack of fear" ("al" meaning "without"; "magor" meaning "fear").
  • "Mediamil" is a word combination created by Thurnher from " [...] " and the magazines "Format" and "Profil" from the NEWS group.

  • Combi aircraft in commercial aviation are aircraft that can be used to carry either passengers as an airliner, or cargo as a freighter, and may have a partition in the aircraft cabin to allow both uses at the same time in a mixed passenger/freight combination.
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