Translation for 'word processing' from English to Russian
обработка {ж} текста
word processing
Partial Matches
дословный {adj}word-for-word
металлообработка {ж}
metal processing
слово {с}word
редактировать [выразить/выражать словесно] [сов.] [несов.]to word
словообразование {с}
word formation
корень {м} слова
(word) root
словосочетание {с}
word combination
заимствование {с} [заимствованное слово]
loan word
словом {adv}in a word
Сто пудово, так точно! [разг.]Word up! [sl.]
посмотреть слово (в словаре) [сов.]to look up a word
устно {adv}by word of mouth
переброситься парой слов с кем-л. [разг.]to have a word with sb.
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Usage Examples English
  • Popular applications were marketed on ROM, particularly word processing and programming utility software (examples are Protext and Brunword of the former, and the MAXAM assembler of the latter type).
  • "PC Magazine" told the company as early as December 1981 that subscribers "wish IBM had provided better word processing".
  • For example, in a word-processing program, the user manipulates document files that the user personally names.
  • Many keyboards include keys that do not correspond to any ASCII printable or control character, for example cursor control arrows and word processing functions.
  • It was already popular when its inclusion with the Osborne 1 portable computer made the program the "de facto" standard for much of the small computer word-processing market.

  • WordPerfect (WP) is a word processing application, now owned by Corel, with a long history on multiple personal computer platforms.
  • In 1991 Ernest Bate developed the Mountbatten Brailler, an electronic machine used to type braille on braille paper, giving it a number of additional features such as word processing, audio feedback and embossing.
  • The use of voice recognition software, in conjunction with a digital audio recorder and a personal computer running word-processing software has proven to be positive for restoring damaged short-term memory capacity, in stroke and craniotomy individuals.
  • Other uses for SVG include embedding for use in word processing (e.g. ...
  • ... using word processing applications and spreadsheet applications).

  • Most word processing software support either RTF format importing and exporting for some RTF specification or direct editing, which makes it a "common" format between otherwise incompatible word processing software and operating systems.
  • Fairly modern and advanced real-time operating system (RTOS) and preemptive multitasking multi-user systems were available: a real-time system (RTS-8) was available as were multiuser commercial systems (COS-300 and COS-310) and a dedicated single-user word-processing system (WPS-8).
  • Microsoft Word is a word processing software developed by Microsoft. It was first released on October 25, 1983, under the name "Multi-Tool Word" for Xenix systems.
  • In modern word-processing systems, presentational markup is often saved in descriptive-markup-oriented systems such as XML, and then processed procedurally by implementations.
  • This is the only one compulsory for fonts and word-processing.

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