Translation for 'work' from English to Russian
NOUN1   work | -
NOUN2   a work | works
VERB   to work | worked / [rarely] wrought | worked / [rarely] wrought
working | works
SYNO body of work | employment | oeuvre | ...
работать [несов.]to work
работа {ж}work
2 Words
работать для чего-л. [несов.]to work for sth.
unverified найти решениеto work out
срабатывать [оказаться успешным] [несов.]to work out [function successfully]
разрабатывать [план и т.п.] [несов.]to work out [to devise]
музыкальная пьеса {ж}
musical work
публикация {ж} [то, что опубликовано]published work
сменная работа {ж}shift work
воскресная работа {ж}
Sunday work
производственная травма {ж}
work accident
рабочая поверхность {ж}work surface
3 Words
нетрудоспособный {adj}unable to work
работать на полную ставкуto work full-time
трудоспособность {ж}ability to work
рабочее место {с}place of work
работы {мн} на высоте
work at heights
художественное произведение {с}work of art
произведение {с} искусства
work of art
4 Words
опоздать на работуto be late for work
быть безработным [несов.]to be out of work
стать безработным [сов.]to get out of work
работать налево [разг.]
to work on the side
нетрудоспособность {ж}incapacity for / to work
5+ Words
Мы это уладим.We'll work it out somehow.
Мы это (как-нибудь) обтяпаем. [разг.]We'll work it out somehow.
конец {м} рабочего дняend of the work day
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Translation for 'work' from English to Russian

to work
работать [несов.]

работа {ж}

to work for sth.
работать для чего-л. [несов.]
to work out
unverified найти решение
to work out [function successfully]
срабатывать [оказаться успешным] [несов.]
to work out [to devise]
разрабатывать [план и т.п.] [несов.]

musical work
музыкальная пьеса {ж}муз.
published work
публикация {ж} [то, что опубликовано]
shift work
сменная работа {ж}
Sunday work
воскресная работа {ж}занятие
work accident
производственная травма {ж}занятиемед.
work surface
рабочая поверхность {ж}

unable to work
нетрудоспособный {adj}

to work full-time
работать на полную ставку

ability to work
трудоспособность {ж}
place of work
рабочее место {с}
work at heights
работы {мн} на высотестроит.
work of art
художественное произведение {с}

произведение {с} искусстваиск.

to be late for work
опоздать на работу
to be out of work
быть безработным [несов.]
to get out of work
стать безработным [сов.]
to work on the side
работать налево [разг.]экон.

incapacity for / to work
нетрудоспособность {ж}

We'll work it out somehow.
Мы это уладим.

Мы это (как-нибудь) обтяпаем. [разг.]

end of the work day
конец {м} рабочего дня
Usage Examples English
  • Each work collective decides independently on work hours, work responsibilities and holidays.
  • The baccalaureate Social Work (BSW) program has been offered since 1940, one of the oldest undergraduate social work programs in the United States.
  • There are a number of awards given for most performed work based on a statistical analysis of APRA's database.
  • Unpaid work can include domestic work, care work, subsistence work, unpaid market labor and voluntary work.
  • Remote work improves efficiency by reducing or eliminating employees commute time, thus increasing their availability to work.

  • Generally, use of a work to comment on the work itself somehow will qualify as transformative.
  • The prisoners work in a variety of areas, including landcare work, factory work, billet positions, and kitchen jobs, as well as several education options.
  • Proof of work is a security technology designed to stop spam by altering the economics.
  • Most of the population work outside the village: care and rehabilitation work, maintenance, extension work, equestrian work and agriculture being the main categories of work within the village.
  • The School of Social Work offers two professional degrees: Masters of Social Work and Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work, as well as several dual degrees.

  • Some stagehands work conventional hours but more often they work nights and weekends. Employment can be intermittent due largely to the seasonal nature of theatrical production work.
  • The metadata includes a "work declaration" for the work itself, and for each work it references.
  • Work from home or Remote work, is a work arrangement in which employees do not commute to a central place of work.
  • 5% work at home, 12.4% have no fixed place of work and 82.8% have a fixed place of work.
  • Therefore, work-consuming devices such as pumps and compressors (work is negative) require less work when they operate reversibly.

  • Her work as an artist is inspired by several trips and work studies to India, Indonesia, Japan and Nepal.
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