Translation for 'wrath' from English to Russian
ADJ   wrath | more wrath | most wrath
NOUN   wrath | wraths
SYNO anger | ira | ire | ...
гнев {м}wrath [dated]
ярость {ж}wrath [dated]
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Translation for 'wrath' from English to Russian

wrath [dated]
гнев {м}

ярость {ж}
Usage Examples English
  • Rintrah is a character in William Blake's mythology, representing the just wrath of the prophet.
  • Fire and brimstone is an idiomatic expression of God's wrath in the Bible.
  • Some, like Karl Barth, simply criticized the concept of satisfaction of God's wrath for being unscriptural.
  • Drinking a cup of strong wine to the dregs and getting drunk are sometimes presented as a symbol of God's judgement and wrath, and Jesus alludes this cup of wrath, which he several times says he himself will drink.
  • Ady points to both Scotland and Germany as places where the misguided attempt to deflect God's wrath by action against 'witches' has in practice drawn down that very wrath on each nation.

  • The cup filled with worldly love is wrath, and it is served by pride.
  • In "Almighty Over All" Sproul takes the position that God created man to have an object worthy of his wrath: "God is as delighted with his wrath as he is with all of his attributes...
  • In 2018, an internet meme circulated surrounding the concept of a "wrath month", a play on pride and wrath both being part of the seven deadly sins of Christianity, to take place in July following the end of Pride Month.
  • September 2022, Report on Arshdeep to Shami: How are the Pakistani Twitterati fueling wrath against Indian cricketers?
  • In ancient times it was believed that diseases were caused by the wrath of God.

  • The verbs in -ιω are derived from nominal i-stems: μηνίω ‘to be angry’, from μῆνις ‘anger, wrath’.
  • Bryan believed that the wrath of God would continue to rain until slaveholders mended their ways, and he felt obligated to warn other members of his class.
  • A man's (Sunil) attempts to repay a kindness earns him the wrath of a ruthless gangster.
  • Earth is an element of fertility, cultivation, femininity, and wrath.
  • The specific name is derived from Latin "ira" (meaning wrath or anger).

  • Seven angels are given seven bowls of God's wrath, each consisting of judgements full of the wrath of God.
  • Smith attracted criticism for drawing connections between disasters such as the September 11 attacks and divine wrath against homosexuality and abortion.
  • Cassius Severus attacked Rome's social elite of both sexes which roused the emperor's wrath.
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