Translation for 'yelp' from English to Russian
NOUN   a yelp | yelps
VERB   to yelp | yelped | yelped
yelping | yelps
SYNO to yap | to yelp | to yip | ...
визг {м}yelp
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Translation for 'yelp' from English to Russian

визг {м}
Usage Examples English
  • The black-billed mountain toucan makes "nasal 'gwaaak' notes...variable, notes can be drawn out, or yelp-like". It also makes bill-rattling or clacking that may be combined with the vocalization.
  • The male advertisement call is a single high-pitched "yelp" composed of hundreds of fine pulses.
  • Its call is a hooting yelp in between a longer period of silence.
  • Barker triggered the sore tooth, which caused the crocodile's jaw to close on his finger and Barker to yelp in pain.
  • Good wingbone calls make a hollow sounding yelp.

  • The common call of the black-breasted buzzard is described as a repeated hoarse yelping or short sharp yap or yelp.
  • The pamphlet theorised that a wounded dog could be put aboard a ship, with the knife used to injure the dog left in the trust of a timekeeper on shore, who would then dip said knife into the powder at a predetermined time and cause the creature to yelp, thus giving the captain of the ship an accurate knowledge of the time.
  • Another frequently produced sound ("yelp") is associated with cases of distress, or alarm.
  • Similarly, the music writer Sleazegrinder compares Arm's singing to "a gargly, half-mad howl, the panicky yelp of a rabid dog falling down a well".
  • Jon Vena said Enigk's "wailing yelp is smoother here", though by the album's end his "high vocal timbre wears thin."

  • For example, on a clear road, "wail" (a long up-and-down unbroken tone) is often used, whereas in heavy slow traffic or at intersections, "yelp" (essentially a sped-up wail) may be preferred.
  • Although Yelp is not required for GNOME to function, it is required to view GNOME's help documentation. Ubuntu also uses yelp to provide a customized help interface for its software.
  • Lyle enjoyed the final result, usually a startled yelp in the middle of a serious conversation.
  • The company has been unable to respond to consumer issues and complaints, garnering an F with the BBB and many negative reviews on yelp at their defunct San Francisco location.
  • His singing has been characterized as a "speak-sing voice that veered between amused croon and panicked yelp".

  • Females keep in contact with their cubs with a grunt-whicker while cubs yelp when separated.
  • Macrolophus pygmaeus produces a vibrational sound called a “yelp” that is associated with male-male interactions.
  • A similar but louder call ('yelp') can be heard from up to [...] away; this call is typically used by mothers to locate lost cubs, or by cubs to find their mothers and siblings.
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