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NOUN   a feel | feels
VERB   to feel | felt | felt
feeling | feels
SYNO feel | feeling | flavor | ...
осећатиto feel
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Translation for 'feel' from English to Serbian

to feel
Usage Examples English
  • When the load factor is +1, all occupants of the aircraft feel that their weight is normal.
  • SM adds a variable centering force (artificial feel) to a mechanical system which is devoid of feel.
  • The patient will feel pressure during the examination, and the anoscope will make one feel as if they were about to have a bowel movement.
  • Dildos with retractable foreskins are made to try to give a natural feel. They can often have fake veins in order to enhance this feel.
  • The title of the song is "Do You Feel Like "We" Do," although the lyrics read, "Do you feel like "I" do?
  • In “Dulceria”, Galindo addresses the issue of society making women feel guilty for indulging in things like sweets and even physical pleasure.
  • The meme subsequently grew in popularity on 4chan, where the character became associated with the phrases formerly used by wojak such as "I know that feel, bro", "that feel" or "that feel when".
  • Emotional abandonment is a subjective emotional state in which people feel undesired, left behind, insecure, or discarded.
  • Ageless computing should make the elderly feel ageless when using computing technologies, make their loved ones feel the elderly are ageless as part of daily life and make an aging society feel ageless by revealing the hidden potential of the elderly population.
  • Self-estrangement appears in many adolescents with low self-esteem. They may feel bored of life and feel like there is no purpose.
  • Strings and some soul feel in the song are the instrumentation, as well as the feel of the fadeout.
  • People tend to feel more responsibility for victims who are psychologically closer to them, and people may feel closer to an identified victim.
  • The definition of the look and feel to associate with the application is often done at initialization, but some Widget toolkits, such as the Swing widget toolkit that is part of the Java API, allow users to change the look and feel at runtime (see Pluggable look and feel).
  • The total concept and feel test relies on the subjective evaluation of observers who consider the question of whether the total concept and feel of one work is substantially similar to another.
  • In the summer of 2011, Lesnar announced that he was returning to action, stating, "I feel like a new man. Healthy. Strong. I feel like I used to feel".
  • Morrow, a common pitfall in I-statement construction is using phrases like "I feel that..."
  • The other meaning is; It means the place where people feel most secure, gain the strength of their character and feel at home.
  • "feel..." is the second compilation DVD by Japanese R&B-turned-pop singer-songwriter Kumi Koda.
  • Mirror touch responses are not limited to feeling touch.
  • Fate plays an underlying factor in the story: characters who feel that destiny intends greatness for them (Verloona, Bajar, Kalif); those who feel they have been cheated out of a better station (Lucrezia Bajar, Brucilla The Muscle); those that intend to manipulate fate into their own control (Queen Glorianna, Rah El Rex); those that feel fate is meaningless and anything goes (Randall Factor); and those that feel personal focus will get them through random chaos (Galatia 9, the Galactic Girl Guides).
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