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ADJ   feeling | more feeling | most feeling
NOUN1   a feeling | feelings
NOUN2   feeling | -
VERB   to feel | felt | felt
feeling | feels
SYNO belief | feel | feeling | ...
осећај {м}feeling
осећање {ср}feeling
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Translation for 'feeling' from English to Serbian

осећај {м}

осећање {ср}
Usage Examples English
  • The term "oceanic feeling" is a psychoanalytic term for the spiritual feeling of limitlessness.
  • The Trains' neighbor, Helen Christianson, feeling older and less desirable, tries new products to keep her feeling young. She succeeds only in alienating her husband, who loves her as she is.
  • The pervasive feeling of inferiority, for which one aims to compensate, leads to the creation of a fictional final goal which subjectively seems to promise total relief from the feeling of inferiority, future security, and success.
  • In the post-canonical 5th-century Visuddhimagga, feeling ("vedana") is identified as "simultaneously" and "inseparably" arising from consciousness ("viññāṇa") and the mind-and-body ("nāmarūpa").
  • There are two kinds of finer feeling: the feeling of the sublime and the feeling of the beautiful.
  • Perhaps another helpful analogy to Berry's Paradox would be the phrase "indescribable feeling".
  • Later, some interpreted Jung's extraverted feeling and introverted feeling to mean other than the function of feeling as represented in extraverts and introverts respectively.
  • Common side effects include trouble sleeping, feeling tired, feeling faint, and abdominal discomfort. Large doses may cause serious toxicity.
  • Critics have noted an underlying tension in the poem between thought and feeling.
  • An emotion can be seen as comprising both a feeling and a motivation based on that feeling.
  • There are three basic psychological needs according to Self-determination theory (SDT): autonomy, competence, and relatedness, which can be briefly described as the feeling of psychological liberty and self-motivation, the feeling of having control and mastery, and the feeling of connection to others.
  • By 'feeling' Reid is thus not referring to some kind of merely subjective quality.
  • Freud had used the term oceanic feeling to describe 'an early phase of ego-feeling...the oceanic feeling, which might seek something like the restoration of limitless narcissism'.
  • He chooses rather to explore the alternative dynamics generated within the interactive space between primary feeling/sensations and cognitive process.
  • The intentional arch of positive feelings and feeling states ultimately spans from the sensible to the spiritual, or from a sort of “hedonistic nihilism” to deeper levels of personal contentment.
  • “It’s a great feeling; a Christmas feeling, to come away champions,” said W Connection assistant coach Earl Jean after his team were crowned the $100,000 2017 FA Trophy champions.
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