Translation for 'Cut it short' from English to Serbian
Скрати мало!Cut it short! [coll.]
Ајде скрати!Cut it short! [coll.]
Partial Matches
резатиto cut
одсећи [св.]to cut off
низак {adj} [растом]short
кратак {adj}short
то {pron}it
unverified за {prep}for it
unverified против {adv}against it
Италија {ж}
Italy <.it>
Престани!Drop it!
Престани!Stop it!
Доста бре! [разг.]Stop it!
unverified Ко је?Who is it?
Колико је сати?What time is it?
Како си?How's it going?
то јеit's [it is]
Ти си на реду.It's your turn.
Ја сам на реду.It's my turn.
Колико то кошта?How much is it?
Сад разумем!I have got it! [coll.]
Колико ће потрајати ... ?How long will it take ... ?
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Usage Examples English
  • Though Spijkerman intended to finish the running season, VARA cut it short and cancelled the 4 remaining shows.
  • Cicero's accusations of sexual profligacy against Clodius, including the attempt to seduce Caesar's wife into adultery and his incestuous relations with his sisters fail to enlarge in scope over time, as Clodius' marriage to the formidable Fulvia appears to have been an enduring model of fidelity until death cut it short.
  • His career was relatively brief, and injuries cut it short.
  • After arguing that the custom of drinking healths was sinful, he asserted that for men to wear their hair long was "unseemly and unlawful unto Christians", while it was "mannish, unnatural, impudent, and unchristian" for women to cut it short.
  • If we want to cut it short and prevent its development to a political authority which might eventually become a federal state, it would surely be better for us not to wish it success".

  • On 4 June 2016, Elphick married his girlfriend, Hannah Kearney, having become engaged in August 2014. However, their honeymoon was short-lived: he cut it short to sign for Aston Villa.
  • The loan period was due to end on 22 February 2007, but Blackpool cut it short and he returned on 9 February.
  • Goodwin states while the pair were close enough to spark Washington gossip, nothing appears to have come of it: "Missy had probably cut it short, as she had cut short every other relationship in her life that might subordinate her great love for FDR."
  • Once Modest Mouse completed touring duties for their record, the Cribs and Johnny started to hang around and jam together – "It's been going well and it would be shame to cut it short, the original intention was to be doing an EP" the band told BBC 6 Music in January 2008.
  • She later cut it short before debuting publicly. This act caused for a re-shoot of the cover and her solo lines in the song's bridge.

  • However, he cut it short by tendering his resignation on 20 October 2020 to take office in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly.
  • His passenger receptions tended to be small, formal, and brief and if it dragged on he would say that he had to go to the bridge to cut it short.
  • He had kept his hair long since the mid-1960s, but his wife Gail cut it short around August 1979.
  • To cut it short, the performance of the reporters during the investigation process determines the quality of the investigative documentary, therefore, reporters should be able to apply different methods depended on different situations in order to carry out a good programme .
  • Unbeknownst to him, Frederick had cut it short for her previous role in "Voyage of the Damned".

  • In the sixth century, Byzantine scholar Procopius wrote that some factions of young males wore their hair long at the back and cut it short over the forehead.
  • Race organizers had tried to include this climb in 2006, but had to cut it short to a pass on lower elevation because of snow at the summit.
  • Irma has now dyed her hair and cut it short; she is now a brunette. Triage is attracted to her and the feeling might be mutual.
  • Kevin Harvick was the fastest in the final practice session with a time of 23.072 and a speed of [...]. The session only lasted 15 minutes before rain cut it short.
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