Translation for 'at times' from English to Serbian
SYNO at times | from time to time | now and again | ...
повремено {adv}at times
Partial Matches
unverified у {prep}at
на {prep}at
одмах {adv}at once
код куће {adv}at home
на полувремену {adv}
at halftime
Аустрија {ж}
Austria <.at>
ноћу {adv}at night
макар {adv}at least
барем {adv}at least
бар {adv}at least
најмање {adv}at least
у подне {adv}at midday
у пола деветat half past eight
unverified на мору {adv}at sea [on the sea]
уопште {adv}at all [in negative contexts]
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Usage Examples English
  • The "ghazal" or love poem had a long history being at times tender and chaste and at other times rather explicit.
  • Politicians such as Obama and Harris have received especially pointed criticism from the movement, as neither are ADOS and have spoken out at times against policies specific to them.
  • Also, modern militaries usually do not equip their forces with the best armour available because it would be prohibitively expensive. At times the development of armour has paralleled the development of increasingly effective weaponry on the battlefield, with armourers seeking to create better protection without sacrificing mobility.
  • Essentially a miniaturized Apple IIe computer on a card (using the Mega II chip from the Apple IIGS), it allowed the Macintosh to run 8-bit Apple IIe software through hardware emulation (although video was emulated in software and was slower at times than a IIe).
  • Finished in black lacquer, the stools are used to seat customers at the 'Genius Bar' and also in other areas of the store at times when seating is required for a product workshop or special event.

  • is a person who makes a significant and substantial attempt to occupy the position of Bishop of Rome and leader of the Catholic Church in opposition to the legitimately elected pope. At times between the 3rd and mid-15th centuries, antipopes were supported by important factions within the Church itself and by secular rulers.
  • Allosauridae has at times been proposed as ancestral to the Tyrannosauridae (which would make it paraphyletic), one example being Gregory S.
  • Despite all this, however, Armenians and Georgians have tended to have a tenuous relationship (at times, sharing close bonds while at other times regarding each other as rivals).
  • These small buses can at times be crowded, as passengers are generally never turned down regardless of the number.
  • The film played at the Liberty Theater at Times Square in New York City for 44 weeks with tickets priced at $2.20 (...).

  • Regarding institutional reforms, the party was a long-time supporter of presidentialism and a plurality voting system, and came to support also federalism and to fully accept the alliance with Lega Nord, although the relations with that party were tense at times, especially about issues regarding national unity.
  • The eastern regions of Afghanistan were at times considered politically as parts of India.
  • Baptist successionists have, at times, pointed to 16th-century Anabaptists as part of an apostolic succession of churches ("church perpetuity") from the time of Christ.
  • Winters are brief and pleasantly mild, though nights may be cool at times.
  • High settling fluxes of acantharian cysts have been observed at times in the Iceland Basin and the Southern Ocean, as much as half of the total gravitational organic carbon flux.

  • Abadeh features a continental semi-arid climate (Köppen climate classification "BSk") with heat and dryness over summer, and cold (extreme at times) and wet winter, with huge variations between daytime and nighttime throughout the year.
  • The older prophets and prophetical writers beheld in their priests the representatives of a religious form inferior to the prophetic truth; men without the spirit of God and lacking the will-power requisite to resist the multitude in its idolatrous proclivities. "At times Aaron, and at other times Moses, is mentioned first in Scripture—this is to show that they were of equal rank," says the Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael, which strongly implies this when introducing in its record of renowned men the glowing description of Aaron's ministration.
  • Starting in the early 1890s during the European Scramble for Africa, a series of European military officers made attempts to claim parts of what is today Burkina Faso. At times these colonialists and their armies fought the local peoples; at times they forged alliances with them and made treaties.
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