Translation for 'collectivism' from English to Serbian
NOUN   collectivism | -
SYNO Bolshevism | collectivism | sovietism
колективизам {м}
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Translation for 'collectivism' from English to Serbian

колективизам {м}пол.соц.фил.
Usage Examples English
  • Criticisms towards the theory have also been expressed on the lack of consideration towards individualism and collectivism in the context of spirituality.
  • Therefore, countries/regions with heightened exposure to disaster should cultivate collectivism.
  • Dominica is often seen as a society that is migrating from collectivism to that of individualism.
  • Something that is related to and overlaps with power distance is individualism vs. collectivism.
  • A 2007 study found that an index of individualism and collectivism predicted both gun ownership and attitudes toward gun control in the United States.

  • In 1919 he attacked the agrarian collectivism that the Left was advocating, and the move towards large, mechanized farms that some technocrats favored.
  • Among Trotskyists, alternative but similar theories include state capitalism and bureaucratic collectivism.
  • George Orwell's famous novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four" describes a fictional society of "oligarchical collectivism".
  • In its beginning, the subculture was seen as a threat to the collectivism of Cuban society, leading to Frikis becoming victims of discrimination and police brutality.
  • Muller, H. M. (1935). Democratic collectivism. New York: Wilson.

  • All these and other reasons caused the collectivism to deteriorate, and individualism to win out. This put an end to collective education.
  • The degree of cultural collectivism is strongly associated with the burden of infectious disease.
  • Some studies have used the behavioral immune system to explain the root of more fundamental dimensions of culture including the variance in: individualism/collectivism, and religious beliefs, Given that there might be benefits associated with individualistic cultures in the societies they create, individualist cultures also confer greater pathogen exposure.
  • They are opposed to collectivism and argue that sexism is a form of collectivism.They welcome people of any sex or gender as part of their coalition and events.
  • Glotzer argues that Shachtman's theory of bureaucratic collectivism has also informed unorthodox approaches within Marxism towards the class nature of the Eastern Bloc.

  • John Duckitt suggests a link between authoritarianism and collectivism, asserting that both stand in opposition to individualism.
  • "The Big Parade" is often seen as an exploration of the relationship of collectivism versus individualism.
  • Three broad dimensions have been mentioned in relation to workplace bullying: power distance; masculinity versus femininity; and individualism versus collectivism (Lutgen-Sandvik et al., 2007).
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