Translation for 'colonialism' from English to Serbian
NOUN   colonialism | -
колонијализам {м}
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Translation for 'colonialism' from English to Serbian

колонијализам {м}Ист.пол.
Usage Examples English
  • Echoing the prevailing ideological perspectives regarding colonialism and imperialism embraced by Spain's European rivals during the colonial era, including the English, French, and the Dutch, the Spanish used colonialism as a means of expanding imperial geopolitical borders and securing the defense of maritime trade routes in the Caribbean basin.
  • Galiev extended his criticisms of colonialism and states that utilised colonialism to the Americas, where he denounced American actions against Indigenous peoples of the Americas.
  • The character has been used to discuss European colonialism in literature.
  • Along with Fletcher's "The Island Princess", "The Sea Voyage" has attracted the attention of some late twentieth century critics and scholars as part of the literature of colonialism and anti-colonialism.
  • As the club was gathering peoples of Jordan through which many activities that stand in the face of British colonialism in defense of the country, the British colonialism close club after they accused them that they are making a disturbance, preventing young people from exercising their right to express their rejection of this colonialism.

  • Taussig's seminal work, "Shamanism, Colonialism and the Wild Man: A Study in Terror and Healing," examines colonialism as it was carried out in South America.
  • There is an extensive body of literature that has examined the legacy of colonialism and colonial institutions on economic outcomes in Africa, with numerous studies showing disputed economic effects of colonialism.
  • Essentialism had been operative in colonialism as well as in critiques of colonialism.
  • The intended audience of the book is "scholars of the liberal state, scholars of settler colonialism, and scholars of indirect rule colonialism".
  • Liboiron's book "Pollution is Colonialism" argues that the environmental policies of many jurisdictions, and the dominant science upon which those policies are based, are characterized by colonialism.

  • Describing Diverse Dreams of Justice in Education", which Yang coedited with Eve Tuck, features essays by various authors discussing different ideas of justice within colonialism.
  • The connection between colonialism and genocide has been explored in academic research.
  • In "Contemporary Lusophone African Film", Paulo de Medeiros complained that the film ignored mentions of colonialism in the original book, pointing out that with a Portuguese director and audience, the film embraces a "Lusotropicalist" perspective or aims to forget about colonialism.
  • The book had important influence on anti-colonialism movements in France and helped re-evaluate the impact of colonialism.
  • Reed, Professor of English and American Studies at Washington State University, argues that the correlation between historical colonialism and toxic colonialism is based on perceptions of indigenous land as 'waste'.

  • Toxic colonialism, or toxic waste colonialism, refers to the practice of exporting hazardous waste from developed countries to underdeveloped ones for disposal.
  • Postcolonial IR scholars intertwine capitalism and colonialism as serving each other, since colonialism is defined as having the 'capitalist economic system' which is 'based on the desire for profit through using raw materials and human labor in the colonized countries'.
  • Unlike most other Asian countries, Thailand does not have a history of European colonialism, and was one of the few to maintain its neutrality. Thus Thai rugby is not a legacy of colonialism.
  • When settlers remain in former colonies after independence, colonialism is ongoing and takes the form of settler colonialism, which is highly resistant to decolonisation.
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