Translation for 'eager' from English to Serbian
ADJ   eager | more eager | most eager
SYNO aegir | bore | eager | ...
ревносан {adj}eager
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Translation for 'eager' from English to Serbian

ревносан {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • A rendezvous protocol uses a handshaking model, unlike an eager protocol which directly copies the data.
  • The main advantage gained in employing an eager learning method, such as an artificial neural network, is that the target function will be approximated globally during training, thus requiring much less space than using a lazy learning system.
  • David Pendleton - Joan's naïve young son. He is very adventurous and eager to kill Germans.
  • The downtown business interests, always eager to attract business and investment to Los Angeles, were also eager to distance their town from the criminal underworld that defined the stories of Chicago and New York.
  • The foundation of the Latvijas Gaisa Satiksmes AS was supported by the "Junkers Flugzeugwerk AG" from Dessau, eager to find ways to avoid destruction of its fleet of Junkers F 13 and increase its sales of Junkers-aircraft.

  • Eager for revenge on both Reika and Hiroko's group, Nami gains the trust of Hiroko and asks to join their club (now called "Rose Cross").
  • In particular, it ensures that the programmer does not have to consider in which order programs are evaluated, since eager evaluation will return the same result as lazy evaluation.
  • The breed is famed for being docile and eager to please, with a bearing of gentle dignity.
  • Still eager to push his limits, Evens has participated in many cycling races.
  • Hallescher FC manager Sven Köhler described Osawe as quick and eager to score.

  • The main character is Wubbleyoo, a computer mouse that has come to life who is inquisitive and eager.
  • Like the Haskell functional language, Alice provides facilities to allow a lazy evaluation strategy in programs, unlike the traditional eager evaluation strategy of Standard ML.
  • "M. eagerensis" refers to the Eager Formation, British Columbia, in which it occurs.
  • In lazy programming languages such as Haskell, although the default is to evaluate expressions only when they are demanded, it is possible in some cases to make code more eager—or conversely, to make it more lazy again after it has been made more eager.
  • Santa Ana has become a tourist destination, especially for tourists eager to learn about Salvadoran culture and traditions.

  • Eager execution is a form of speculative execution where both sides of the conditional branch are executed; however, the results are committed only if the predicate is true.
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