Translation for 'earlier' from English to Serbian
ADJ   early | earlier | earliest
SYNO before | earlier | earliest | ...
раније {adv}earlier
unverified претходни {adj}earlier
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Translation for 'earlier' from English to Serbian

раније {adv}

unverified претходни {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • The cave was discovered in 1936. Later study of stratigraphy and radiometric dates corrected serious earlier misinterpretations, leaving "Sandia Man" as definitely younger than earlier claimed.
  • Earlier exercise and meal times can also help promote earlier sleep times.
  • The village was earlier called "Háromfafalva" (...) which got shortened to "Háromfa" (...). The earlier seal and its coat of arms also have three poplars.
  • The holding was reorganized in 2018 and in addition to Panjiang Coal and Electricity Group it embraced Panjiang Capital (earlier Panjiang Mining Bureau), Shuiming Group (earlier Shuicheng Mining Bureau), Liuzhi Industrial and Mining (earlier Liuzhi Mining Bureau), Lindong Mining (earlier Lindong Mining Bureau) and Panjiang Power Investment (earlier Guangtou Qiangui Company).
  • The ability to continue running programs designed for earlier systems was crucial to selling new hardware.

  • Cannibalistic tiger salamanders tend to metamorphosize earlier than the typical ones.
  • The "Elements" is mainly a systematization of earlier knowledge of geometry.
  • Ovid's version of the myth of Actaeon differs from most earlier sources.
  • Alberton Post Office opened on 10 January 1856. An earlier Alberton office opened in 1842 was renamed Port Albert some days earlier.
  • Earlier Arabic loanwords with "h" that entered Proto-Danao or earlier Maranao were realized as "k".

  • "Holmes v. Hurst" was an earlier Supreme Court case dealing with similar circumstances for Holmes's earlier work, "The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table".
  • Signs of an earlier, lower, roof are evident, and the outlines of the earlier clerestory windows can also be seen.
  • SourceMeter can analyze source code conforming to Java 8 and earlier versions, C/C++, RPG III and RPG IV versions (including free-form), C# 6.0 and earlier versions and Python 2.7.8 and earlier versions.
  • CUES had been proposed a decade earlier, but China opposed earlier versions, because of references to potential legal standing.
  • Climate change could be causing migration patterns to shift into an earlier time frame, coinciding with an earlier start of the growing period.

  • Vyjayanti had earlier worked under the stage name of Poonam in Tamil cinema. Despite working on Balasekaran's "Solli Vidu" and "Thirunaal", her earlier films did not have a theatrical release.
  • Bach based movements of the Mass in B minor on earlier compositions.
  • Between the seventh and the ninth centuries, many earlier parchment manuscripts were scrubbed and scoured to be ready for rewriting, and often the earlier writing can still be read.
  • The "Elements" are mainly a systematization of earlier knowledge of geometry.
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