Translation for 'fashionable' from English to Serbian
ADJ   fashionable | more fashionable | most fashionable
SYNO fashionable | stylish
модерно {adv}fashionable
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Translation for 'fashionable' from English to Serbian

модерно {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • Theodore Hook was a major writer of fashionable novels, and Henry Colburn was a major publisher.
  • Philip visited the United States during 1902, where he was popular in fashionable society and contributed to the then-fashionable travelogue literary genre by publishing an account (Dollars and Democracy) of his time spent there.
  • From World War I to roughly 1970, women were under social pressure to wear skirts near to the currently fashionable length or be considered unstylish, but since the 1970s, women's options have widened, and there is no longer really only one single fashionable skirt-length at a time.
  • For a full generation after it was built it was the most fashionable church in New York: "For many years Grace has been the centre of fashionable New York", Matthew Hale Smith observed in 1869: "To be married or buried within its walls has been ever considered the height of felicity".
  • As early as the 1720s, English painters had begun to portray fashionable ladies dressed in romanticized versions of the costume of a century earlier, as depicted in portraits by van Dyck and Rubens, while French Queen Marie Leszczyńska made the Polish dress popular in that decade.

  • Originally worn by commoners, it became fashionable with the nobility from the 14th century.
  • During and following the Renaissance, it became fashionable for black boys and young men to be decorative pages, placed into fancy costumes and attending fashionable ladies and lords.
  • The Dama ǃkhaib (headgear) is a unique innovation of the Damara women as they shaped a headgear that can be fashionable yet work effective as they still could ǂkhao (carry/load something on head) water containers and firewood.
  • Chez Florence was one of the most fashionable nightclubs in Paris.
  • The costumes are mostly exotic versions of "modern" styles, and Mary's unusually rich dress has a "fashionable neckline", not to mention pearls hanging from the sleeve.

  • The Thomas Hill area was at that time promoted as a new fashionable neighborhood, due in part to the views it furnished, as the previously fashionable area, Broadway, had become built out.
  • Sabine Seymour is a designer, author, entrepreneur, and researcher, known for her work in fashionable technology and design.
  • He was both successful and fashionable, producing work for book and print publishers.
  • Le Tout-Paris ("everyone in Paris") is a French expression referring to the fashionable and affluent elite of the city, who frequent fashionable events and places, and establish trends in upper-class culture.
  • In 1776, Thomas Henry speculated tongue in cheek that Joseph Priestley’s newly discovered dephlogisticated air (now called oxygen) might become “as fashionable as French wine at the fashionable taverns”.

  • Young and fashionable women were most likely to tightlace, especially for balls, fashionable gatherings, and other occasions for display.
  • , literally meaning "the beautiful world" (but here meaning "fashionable people," or "fashionable society"), was similar to "le bon ton" during the late 19th century.
  • German women adopted hats like fashionable men's "baretts" early in the century; these were worn over caps or cauls ("colettes") made of netted cord over a silk lining.
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