Translation for 'fungi' from English to Serbian
NOUN   a fungus | fungi / [also] funguses
SYNO Fungi | fungus kingdom | kingdom Fungi
гљиве {мн}fungi {pl}
печурке {мн}fungi {pl}
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Translation for 'fungi' from English to Serbian

fungi {pl}
гљиве {мн}

печурке {мн}
Usage Examples English
  • "Leymus arenarius" benefits from the presence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.
  • Pathogenic fungi are fungi that cause disease in humans or other organisms. Although fungi are eukaryotic, many pathogenic fungi are microorganisms.
  • Ericoid mycorrhizal fungi form symbioses with several crop and ornamental species, such as blueberries, cranberries and "Rhododendron".
  • Discomycetes is a former taxonomic class of Ascomycete fungi which contains all of the cup, sponge and brain fungi and some club-like fungi.
  • Tubaki was particularly interested in the presence and biological activities of fungi in the environment.

  • Cunningham produced definitive monographs of New Zealand Gasteromycetes (puffballs), Polyporaceae (pore fungi), Thelephoraceae (crust fungi), and Uredinales (rust fungi).
  • In 2012, Giuliana founded the Fundación Fungi. Her work triggered the inclusion of fungi in Chilean environmental legislation and made it possible to assess the conservation status of over 80 species of fungi.
  • Larry F. Grand (December 30, 1940 – March 14, 2013) was an American mycologist who had a long career focusing on ectomycorrhizal fungi, wood decay fungi and plant pathogenic fungi.
  • His major fields of study included human and mammalian parasitic fungi, lichen-associated fungi, and fungi forming subterranean sporophores.
  • Coelomycetes are a form-class of fungi, part of what has often been referred to as Fungi imperfecti, Deuteromycota, or anamorphic fungi.

  • The relationship between plants and mycorrhizal fungi is an example of mutualism because plants provides fungi with carbohydrates and mycorrhizal fungi help plants absorb more water and nutrients.
  • Competition among EcM fungi is a well-documented case of soil microbial interactions.
  • Most Oxyporinae are fungivores. Their whole lifecycle involves fungi, as females construct egg-laying chambers in fungi and reproduce in them.
  • For the fungi in the French Overseas territories, see: Fungi of French Guiana, Fungi of French Polynesia, Fungi of Martinique, Fungi of Réunion, Fungi of Guadeloupe and Fungi of Mayotte.
  • Floridanus is an edible fungi in the family of fungi known as "Boletes".

  • Other, more informal names besides Deuteromycota ("Deuteromycetes") and fungi imperfecti are anamorphic fungi, or mitosporic fungi, but these are terms without taxonomic rank.
  • Blue stain fungi (also known as sap stain fungi) is a vague term including various fungi that cause dark staining in sapwood.
  • Organisms that parasitize fungi are known as mycoparasitic organisms.
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