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сиви кит {м} [Eschrichtius robustus]
gray whale [Am.]
Partial Matches
грбави кит {м} [Megaptera novaeangliae]
humpback (whale)
плави кит {м} [Balaenoptera musculus]
blue whale
гренландски кит {м} [Balaena mysticetus]
bowhead whale
кит-ајкула {ж} [Rhincodon typus]
whale shark
сиви кит {м} [Eschrichtius robustus]
grey whale [Br.]
сив {adj}gray [Am.]
сива чапља {ж} [Ardea cinerea]
gray heron [Am.]
лапонска сова {ж} [Strix nebulosa]
great gray owl [Am.]
Слика Доријана Греја [Оскар Вајлд]
The Picture of Dorian Gray [Oscar Wilde]
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Usage Examples English
  • As well as other methods, rorquals obtain prey by lunge-feeding on bait balls. The gray whale does not lunge feed, as it gulps in sediments from the seafloor rather than water.
  • Eschrichtiidae or the gray whales is a family of baleen whale (Parvorder Mysticeti) with a single extant species, the gray whale ("Eschrichtius robustus"), as well as three described fossil genera: "Archaeschrichtius" and "Eschrichtioides" from the Miocene and Pliocene of Italy respectively, and "Gricetoides" from the Pliocene of North Carolina.
  • "Eschrichtius" is a genus of baleen whale containing two species: the gray whale ("E. robustus") and the extinct Akishima whale ("E. akishimaensis").
  • On September, 2007, five members of the Makah tribe shot a gray whale using a .460 caliber rifle, similar to that used in hunting elephants, despite court-imposed regulations governing the Makah hunt.
  • More recent studies of right whales in North Atlantic and the North Pacific suggest a migratory pattern that is quite different than the gray whale example.

  • ] gray whale skeleton, all within a short walk from the Lewis & Clark monument.
  • The hunt also took an average of one or two gray whales each year until 1996.
  • Gray whales measure from [...] in length for newborns to [...] for adults (females tend to be slightly larger than adult males).
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