Translation for 'moron' from English to Serbian
NOUN   a moron | morons
SYNO changeling | cretin | half-wit | ...
unverified во {м}moron [coll.]
unverified коњ {м}moron [coll.]
unverified идиот {м}moron [coll.]
unverified морон {м}moron [coll.]
unverified дебил {м}moron [coll.]
unverified будала {м}moron [coll.]
unverified кретен {м}moron [coll.]
unverified глупан {м}moron [coll.]
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Translation for 'moron' from English to Serbian

moron [coll.]
unverified во {м}

unverified коњ {м}

unverified идиот {м}

unverified морон {м}

unverified дебил {м}

unverified будала {м}

unverified кретен {м}

unverified глупан {м}
Usage Examples English
  • "Latin History for Morons.",
  • In 1995, Leilani Muir sued Alberta for stigmatization as a moron, wrongful confinement, and sterilization.
  • Bush as a "moron".
  • The first person to do it must have been a moron."
  • The school's first mascot, the Maroon, fell into disfavor with students because of its similarity to the word "moron." The student body voted on a new mascot and as a result the mustang was chosen.

  • Amaron is also similar to other Book of Mormon names such as Ammaron, Ammoron, Amoron, Moron, Moroni, and Mormon himself etc.
  • Despite being pejorative, in its day the term was considered, along with "idiot", "imbecile", and "moron", to be a relatively precise psychiatric classification.
  • Philippine government agencies usually promote and support locally produced goods such as the moron.
  • "The customer is not a moron. She's your wife" is a famous quotation attributed to advertising executive David Ogilvy in 1955.
  • House admits that he's a moron, but he's a moron who cares and thinks about Cuddy and wants her to be happy.

  • On August 23, 2012, Erica Payne debated Peter Schiff on Fox Business where she called Peter a "moron" when he said that consumer demand is not a job creator.
  • Ezequiel Edison Rescaldani (born 11 June 1992) is an Argentine footballer play for Deportivo moron.
  • Betty Boop and Pudgy take the train to a ski resort and find themselves being swept away over a waterfall. They get rescued by an amorous moron.
  • J. R. R. Tolkien interpreted his own surname as derived from the Low German equivalent of "dull-keen" (High German " [...] ") which would be a literal equivalent of Greek "oxy-moron".
  • Naʼvi syllables may be as simple as a single vowel, or as complex as [...] "moron" or [...] above (both CCVC).

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