Translation for 'quicksilver' from English to Serbian
ADJ   quicksilver | - | -
NOUN   quicksilver | -
SYNO atomic number 80 | erratic | fickle | ...
жива {ж} <Hg>
quicksilver <Hg>
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Translation for 'quicksilver' from English to Serbian

quicksilver <Hg>
жива {ж} <Hg>мин.хем.
Usage Examples English
  • The winery was established by Éthienne Thée in 1852, who named the vineyard after New Almaden, a nearby quicksilver mining town.
  • On one occasion, Claire was able to turn the gland off with a special injection, thus preventing quicksilver seeping through Darien's body, but this procedure was of limited effectiveness as prolonged suppression of the quicksilver could have triggered a cerebral hemorrhage and killed Darien.
  • Along with his incredible pace and quicksilver feet Nivvy could also hit a venomous shot and he would often be seen cutting in from the wide berth to unleash an unstoppable strike at goal.
  • In 1882, Black Bart robbed the stagecoach traveling between Lakeport and Cloverdale. During this time period, over 450 Chinese immigrants were employed to work the area's quicksilver mines.
  • A mercury fountain is a fountain constructed for use with liquid metallic mercury ("quicksilver") rather than water.

  • His comrades nicknamed him “Quex” because ”he carried out orders faster than quicksilver” (...).
  • The district accounted for most of the US quicksilver production at least through 1937, almost 150,000 flasks. However, falling prices forced all of the mines to close by 1947.
  • Most of the quicksilver was produced from 1571 until 1790, amounting to more than 1,400,000 flasks.
  • Quicksilver's icon is based on the alchemical symbol for mercury, "quicksilver" being an archaic name for the element.
  • From 1727, Booth was afflicted by ill health and in 1733 eventually called for Thomas Dover, "Doctor Quicksilver", who prescribed him quicksilver. He ingested 2 pounds of mercury and died in a week.

  • is an historic quicksilver mine in Guizhou. Lanmuchang was one mine in a mineral belt in southwestern China that has been exploited for 2,000 years for cinnabar to manufacture the vermilion paint, Chinese red, and red ink and to produce quicksilver.
  • The Almaden Quicksilver Mining Museum at Casa Grande showcases the history of the mercury (quicksilver) mining operations that occurred during the Gold Rush in the area of what is now Almaden Quicksilver County Park, Casa Grande being the former home of the mine superintendents.
  • "Quecksilber" ("quicksilver") is the second studio album by German rock band Stahlmann, released in 2012.
  • Medieval alchemy used the Caduceus to represent preparations containing quicksilver, later known as mercury.
  • "Echo" shared with "Surveillante", "Fortunée", [...] , and "Hercule", in the proceeds of the capture on 5 July 1806 of the Spanish ship "La Josepha", laden with quicksilver.

  • Because the alluvial gold proved to be very fine, the company also had to fit their dredges with quicksilver [...] tables and were constantly upgrading their gold-saving systems.
  • The price paid was high, but one of the Rothschild family firms had previously purchased the quicksilver mine in Idrija (now in Slovenia) from Austria; thus the firm had a monopoly on quicksilver (until the discovery of New Almaden in California).
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