Translation for 'shit' from English to Serbian
ADJ   shit | shitter | shittest
NOUN1   a shit | shits
NOUN2   shit | -
VERB   to shit | shit / shitted / shat | shit / shitted / shat / shitten
shitting | shits
SYNO bull | bullshit | crap | ...
говно {ср} [вулг.]shit [vulg.]
срање {ср} [вулг.]shit [vulg.]
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Translation for 'shit' from English to Serbian

shit [vulg.]
говно {ср} [вулг.]

срање {ср} [вулг.]
Usage Examples English
  • The song famously ended with the man leaving and saying the line "that shit, that shit is fucking insane" (referring to her bad fake tan use).
  • In Swedish the phrase "skit bakom spakarna" ("shit behind the levers") or the abbreviation "SBS-problem" is used.
  • In the 2015 biographical film "The Big Short", CDOs of mortgage-backed securities are described metaphorically as "dog shit wrapped in cat shit".
  • Sullivan filmed himself chanting "we about to burn this shit down" and "we accomplished this shit.
  • I wrote a few things and I thought it was shit. Then suddenly loads of stuff started coming out, and it wasn't shit."

  • MSDS ("make shit, design shit") Studio is a Toronto-based design studio founded by Jessica Nakanishi and Jonathan Sabine in 2011.
  • The album features twenty live tracks by festival performers, followed by a zestful five-minute recording of Negativland leading the crowd in a recitation of Casey Kasem's notorious and profanity-streaked diatribe: "This all means diddly-shit!
  • (This is also an ironic phrase as in Argentinean Spanish it is usually said "it’s so cold that I shit on myself" and the name "Balcarce" and "cagarse" (shit on) have an ending rhyme).
  • Bina began operating a manure business in Port Moresby using the name Mr Shit in the early 1990s, with his slogan "Chicken shit, horse shit, cow shit -- but no bullshit" on his business card.
  • Politik ist Scheiße! = Politics is shit!

  • On 21 September 2009, Johnson released his second solo album "Alt mit shit" (meaning All my shit in Danish). Singles from the album included "Bawler Hele Dagen" and "Teriyaki".
  • In December 2004 when the Beastie Boys performed at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, Ad Rock stopped partway through a song to warn the crowds to stop surfing as somebody had been injured, following up the discouragement with "that shit is so old" and telling them to "save that shit for the MTV music awards".
  • The collaboration came after Emmy The Great covered "Burn Baby Burn" as a B-side to the single "First Love", famously including the backing vocals "shit!
  • After being accused in return by Claybrook of exploiting the poor people in developing countries by taking their photos and then selling them ("that Third World-victim shit you're peddling [...] Don't hand me that shit, whitey"), Boyd takes out a revolver and starts threatening his hosts.
  • Chinese "bì" 箆 "fine-tooth comb; spatula" or Japanese "hera" 箆 "spatula; scoop" is compounded into Chinese "cèbì " 廁箆 "toilet spatula" and Japanese "kusobera" 糞箆 "shit spatula" or "kusokakibera" 糞掻き篦 "shit scratching spatula".

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