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VERB   to fall | fell | fallen
falling | falls
SYNO autumn | capitulation | crepuscle | ...
пасти [св.]to fall
unverified запасти [св.]to fall
падати [несв.]to fall
unverified пад {м}fall
заспати [св.]to fall asleep
unverified заљубити се [св.]to fall in love
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Usage Examples English
  • On 21 December, 2020, it was confirmed that "Dogmatix and the Indomitables" had been pushed back to fall 2021, with o2o Studio producing the animation.
  • Between 1995 and its peak in March 2000, the Nasdaq Composite stock market index rose 400%, only to fall 78% from its peak by October 2002, giving up all its gains during the bubble.
  • Additionally, an electron always tends to fall to the lowest possible energy state.
  • Decreased costs of production allowed the cost of the Model T to fall within the budget of the American middle class.
  • The term "cat nap" for a short rest refers to the cat's tendency to fall asleep (lightly) for a brief period.
  • Supralapsarians believe that God chose which individuals to save logically prior to the decision to allow the race to fall and that the Fall serves as the means of realization of that prior decision to send some individuals to hell and others to heaven (that is, it provides the grounds of condemnation in the reprobate and the need for salvation in the elect).
  • Ibn Batutta reported that Arabs and Christians were safe, as their flesh was "unripe" and would cause the eater to fall ill.
  • The control characters were designed to fall into a few groups: printing and display control, data structuring, transmission control, and miscellaneous.
  • To prevent injuries, boulderers position crash pads near the boulder to provide a softer landing, as well as one or more spotters (people watching out for the climber to fall in convenient position) to help redirect the climber towards the pads.
  • During the last stage of the war against Aquitaine (760–768), it was one of Waifer's last important strongholds to fall to the troops of King Pepin the Short.
  • The last Assyrian city to fall was Harran in southeast Anatolia.
  • Alternatively, to fall under the scope of the convention, it is sufficient for waste to be included in Annex II, which lists other wastes, such as household wastes and residue that comes from incinerating household waste.
  • 05% in 2008 and is expected to fall to a negative value of –0.29% by 2050 thus completing the demographic transition.
  • However, these words all have the meaning "to fall from a height" and are clearly derived either from a common root or from each other.
  • With the release of the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation in 1995, sales of the Jaguar continued to fall.
  • A fire in the late 17th century was followed by some repairs, but in 1725 the family purchased 17th-century Aberdour House, on the west side of the burn and in Wester Aberdour, and the medieval Castle was allowed to fall into relative decay.
  • The last of the sons of Ibn Hafsun to fall was Hafs, who commanded his powerful fortress of Umar ibn Hafsun.
  • In addition, Ethiopia had just begun to emerge from a long and brutal famine; Harold Marcus reminds us that the army was restive over its long service in the field, short of rations, and the short rains which would bring all travel to a crawl would soon start to fall.
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