Translation for 'to forgive' from English to Serbian
VERB   to forgive | forgave | forgiven
forgiving | forgives
опростити [св.]to forgive
опраштати [несв.]to forgive
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Translation for 'to forgive' from English to Serbian

to forgive
опростити [св.]

опраштати [несв.]
Usage Examples English
  • Xavier leaves Magneto in charge of the school, but some of the X-Men are unwilling to forgive their former enemy.
  • Divorce is strongly discouraged even when adultery is committed since the wronged spouse is free to forgive the unfaithful one.
  • "De curialibus et de agnatione vel distractione praediorum et de ceteris negotiis", "Decurions, Their Children and The Sale of Their Landed Estates" ("Novella Maioriani" 7), was issued to forgive past abuses perpetrated by the decurions.
  • In the story, Jesus counters the accusation that he does not have the power to forgive sins by pronouncing forgiveness of sins and then healing the man.
  • She later began an affair with the celebrated Acmeist poet Osip Mandelstam, whose wife, Nadezhda, declared later, in her autobiography that she came to forgive Akhmatova for it in time.

  • The demi-god Heracles then intercedes and pleads with Creon to forgive Hæmon, but in vain.
  • After the Iran–Iraq War ended, Kuwait declined an Iraqi request to forgive its US$65 billion debt.
  • In "Tatooine Ghost" (2003), Leia learns to forgive her father after learning about his childhood as a slave and his mother's traumatic death.
  • Eisenstein is delighted by the prank, and he begs Rosalinde to forgive him for his attempted infidelity.
  • Seeing Willy Jack is a changed man, Novalee is able to forgive and let go of him but warns him never to contact Americus.

  • In Judaism, it is the Haftarah portion read during the afternoon of Yom Kippur to instill reflection on God's willingness to forgive those who repent, and it remains a popular story among Christians.
  • In this passage, he also records what is known as "the Psalm of Nephi", where he pleads for the Lord to forgive his weaknesses, make him strong so he can conquer his enemies, and redeem his soul.
  • Whatever it is you would like God has already done. To forgive them?
  • "Gozasht" means 'tolerance, understanding and a desire or willingness to forgive' for both psychological needs of closure and cognition, as well as a culturally accepted source for practicing necessary religious requirements of "tawbah" "(repentance, see Koran 2:222)" and "du'a" (supplication).
  • As the Angel of Mercy, he asks Allah to forgive people’s sins.

  • Following Clark's brief rampage under the influence of the Eradicator, Lois was hesitant to forgive Clark for "selling out" to Collin Thornton and running "Newstime" Magazine, but forgave him in a span of mere minutes when he returned to ask for his job back.
  • ... "damning with faint praise" or "to err is human; to forgive, divine").
  • God, in view of the cross, is declared righteous in having been able to justify sins in the OT period, as well as in being able to forgive sinners under the New Covenant ([...]; cf. [...] , note).
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