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SYNO to bear away | to bear off | to carry away | ...
unverified одузети [св.]to take away
Partial Matches
далеко {adv}away
удаљено {adv}away
unverified одмах {adv}right away
далеко {adv}far away
chisel off/away
узети [св.]to take
узимати [несв.]to take
учествовати [св./несв.]to take part
полетање {ср}take-off
узлет {м}take-off
трајатиto take [to last]
учествовати у [св./несв.]to take part in
узети воз [св.]
to take the train
узети у обзирto take into consideration
фотографисати [св./несв.]to take a photograph
усликати [разг.]to take a photograph
Пази на себе!Take care of yourself!
Колико ће потрајати ... ?How long will it take ... ?
Могу ли му / јој нешто пренети?Can I take a message for him / her?
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Usage Examples English
  • Starting in 2011, every Halloween, Kimmel asks his viewers to take away their children's Halloween candy, videotape their kids' reactions once they tell their kids that they ate their Halloween candy, and post it on YouTube with the respective hashtag.
  • In what was one of the largest civil engineering projects of the 19th century, he oversaw construction of over 2100 km of tunnels and pipes under London to take away sewage and provide clean drinking water.
  • Many of his contemporaries thought that the first step to the conversion of the Jews was to take away their books. This view was advocated by Johannes Pfefferkorn, a German Catholic theologian.
  • The girl claims she has done so, but the knight only sees her terror and gives her herbs to take away her pain as she is placed on the pyre.
  • All the while Honduran bureaucrats would continue to take away the indigenous communal lands to trade for capital investment contracts as well as neglect the fair rights of Honduran laborers.

  • cannot be so formed as to take away that confusion of the Rays which arises from the Tremors of the Atmosphere.
  • It is said by the tradition, to take away the sins of the devotees when they enter a temple and to ward off evil in general.
  • As one of his final plans, Cyclops sends Magik, Colossus, and Shadowcat to meet with Cyttorak to convince him to take away the powers he gave Juggernaut.
  • Also re-use of a used grave involves the removal of any monuments and headstones, which may cause further distress to families (although families will typically be allowed to take away the monuments and headstones if they wish).
  • Because it is usually impossible to take away all or almost all options, attacking such a group is very hard for the opponent and brings little advantage.

  • Pope Adrian I authorized Charlemagne to take away anything from Ravenna that he liked, and an unknown quantity of Roman columns, mosaics, statues, and other portable items were taken north to enrich his capital of Aachen.
  • Hooker was persuaded to take away a copy of the "Essay" in January 1847, and eventually sent a page of notes giving Darwin much-needed feedback.
  • A vote splitting scandal has also hurt the Manitoba PC Party's reputation when the Independent Native Voice Party was claimed to be funded by the PC Caucus in attempt to take away votes from the NDP during the 1995 election.
  • The CIO expelled some unions that resisted the purge, notably its third-largest affiliate the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE), and set up a new rival IUE to take away the UE membership.
  • Passenger accounts later stated that the hijackers ordered the crew to take away the lunch that had been served, and separated the men from the women and children, blindfolding them and threatening them with explosives if they did not co-operate.

  • In classical drama, for example, the role of the chorus was to comment on the proceedings and draw out a message for the audience to take away with them; while the novels of Charles Dickens are a vehicle for morals regarding the social and economic system of Victorian Britain.
  • <blockquote>to compel landlords to make leases of their land in perpetuity — that is, to give to the tenant a lease for ever, at a corn rent; to take away the power of distraining for rent; and in all cases where land was held upon lease and was too dear, that the tenant in such cases should have the power of empaneling a jury to assess the real value in the same manner as the crown has the power of making an individual sell property required for what is called public works or conveniences according to the evaluation of a jury.
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