Translation for 'to tidy up' from English to Serbian
VERB   to tidy up | tidied up | tidied up
tidying up | tidies up
SYNO to clean up | to neaten | to square away | ...
распремитиto tidy up
Partial Matches
нагоре {adv}up
горе {adv}up
unverified појавити се [св.]to show up
претући [св.]to beat up
unverified претучен {adj} {past-p}beaten up
unverified одрастати [несв.]to grow up
будити [несв.]to wake up
пробудити [св.]to wake up
сит {adj}full (up)
Пожури!Hurry up!
устајати [несв.]to get up
устати [св.]to get up
поставити [св.]to set up
одрасти [св.]to grow up
спреман {adj}geared up
пробудити некога [св.]to wake sb. up
будити некога [несв.]to wake sb. up
најсавременији {adj}up to date
откачити [разг.] [фиг.]to crack up [coll.]
одустати [св.]to give up [surrender, relinquish]
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Usage Examples English
  • They are then forced to tidy up the mess themselves.
  • or requested to serve tea or coffee to their co-workers and executives, sometimes expected to arrive at the office early to tidy up, similarly to a housewife.
  • The people at the rave would then have to leave without having time to tidy up and potentially still incapable of driving safely.
  • Most keepers stood up to all but the fastest bowlers with a fielder behind them at long-stop to tidy up any byes.
  • Farmers leave dead farm animals out in the open for the vultures to tidy up, and the vultures then feed from the carcasses of the cattle that die, and are poisoned by the diclofenac contained in the flesh they eat.

  • Batt quipped that Uncle Bulgaria had been offended by Eavis' comments and had withdrawn an offer to tidy up the site after the festival.
  • When the new Board of Directors took over in 1997, work was carried out to tidy up the ground and the Social Club was extended.
  • K. to tidy up British exhibits. It was owned by Philip Ainsley, a fellow teacher friend of Plummer's.
  • Morris Kight used to visit this park weekly to tidy up the area, water and plant new flowers.
  • The programme always ends with some "Doodle do" and "Doodle don't" advice, such as "Doodle do: have fun with your model car, and doodle don't: forget to tidy up afterwards".

  • The goal is to tidy up rubbish from the waters of the lake and the shoreline.
  • They, and the other group members, then throw a party for all their friends but struggle to tidy up before the owner returns.
  • Scene 3: Frasquita begins to tidy up the dishes. She then sits down to her spinning wheel and muses to herself about Tonuelo's summons.
  • In 1801, the Inclosure (Consolidation) Act was passed to tidy up previous acts.
  • Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit had to call the renowned economist Kemal Derviş to tidy up the economy and especially the weak banking system so that a similar economic crisis would not happen again.

  • He is described by FIFA's official website as "a linchpin noted for his ability to tidy up mistakes, rob possession and track down and pressurise opponents".
  • When the air strikes on Vienna intensified, children like her had to tidy up streets, and cemeteries, after bombings.
  • In the early twenty-first century heat-shrink tubing started to be used for PC modding to tidy up the interior of computers and provide an appearance considered pleasing [...].
  • The castle was supposedly a threat to the peace or "Landfrieden"; more probably it served to tidy up the estates of the "Landvogt" and confidant of the king, the Count of Hanau, in this area.
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