Translation for 'to' from English to Serbian
у {prep}to
до {prep}to
unverified за {prep}to
према {prep}to
2 Words: Others
услед {prep}due to
због нечегаdue to sth.
од ... доfrom ... to
поред {prep}next to
захваљујући {adv}thanks to
2 Words: Verbs
морати [несв.]to have to
слагати некоме [св.]to lie to sb.
лагати некоме [несв.]to lie to sb.
моратиto need to
позвати се на [св.]to refer to
позивати се на [несв.]to refer to
unverified позвати се на нештоto relate to
нагињати каto tend to
хтетиto want (to)
3 Words: Others
петнаест до [време]a quarter to
да биin order to
такорећи {adv}so to speak
најсавременији {adj}up to date
савремено {adv}up-to-date [attr.]
3 Words: Verbs
сметиto be allowed to
unverified требатиto be supposed to
посветити се нечемуto devote oneself to sth.
упознати [св.]to get to know
навићи се на нештоto get used to sth.
unverified очекиватиto look forward to
радовати се нечемуto look forward to sth.
писати некоме нештоto write to sb. about sth.
4 Words: Others
unverified од увета до увета {adv} [фиг.]from ear to ear [idiom]
Драго ми је, да сам Вас упознао.Nice to meet you.
Драго ми је, да сам Вас упознала.Nice to meet you.
Такође.The same to you.
Желите ли ... ?Would you like to ... ?
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Translation for 'to' from English to Serbian

у {prep}

до {prep}

unverified за {prep}

према {prep}

due to
услед {prep}
due to sth.
због нечега
from ... to
од ... до
next to
поред {prep}
thanks to
захваљујући {adv}

to have to
морати [несв.]
to lie to sb.
слагати некоме [св.]

лагати некоме [несв.]
to need to
to refer to
позвати се на [св.]

позивати се на [несв.]
to relate to
unverified позвати се на нешто
to tend to
нагињати ка
to want (to)

a quarter to
петнаест до [време]
in order to
да би
so to speak
такорећи {adv}
up to date
најсавременији {adj}
up-to-date [attr.]
савремено {adv}

to be allowed to
to be supposed to
unverified требати
to devote oneself to sth.
посветити се нечему
to get to know
упознати [св.]
to get used to sth.
навићи се на нешто
to look forward to
unverified очекивати
to look forward to sth.
радовати се нечему
to write to sb. about sth.
писати некоме нешто

from ear to ear [idiom]
unverified од увета до увета {adv} [фиг.]
Nice to meet you.
Драго ми је, да сам Вас упознао.

Драго ми је, да сам Вас упознала.
The same to you.
Would you like to ... ?
Желите ли ... ?
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