Translation for 'understanding' from English to Serbian
ADJ   understanding | more understanding | most understanding
NOUN1   an understanding | understandings
NOUN2   understanding | -
VERB   to understand | understood | understood
understanding | understands
SYNO agreement | apprehension | discernment | ...
разумевање {ср}understanding
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Translation for 'understanding' from English to Serbian

разумевање {ср}
Usage Examples English
  • Understanding is a relation between the knower and an object of understanding.
  • Ackoff refers to understanding as an "appreciation of 'why'", and wisdom as "evaluated understanding", where "understanding" is posited as a discrete layer between knowledge and wisdom.
  • There are six parts to understanding grammar including trained reading by understanding the dialect from certain poetical figures.
  • Strive for better understanding of nonlinear relationships and interacting systems (environment, social and economic, hazards), and present this understanding coherently to maximize public understanding.
  • A better understanding of the mechanisms of collagen fibrillogenesis as well as an understanding of the regulators of the process would allow for a better understanding of diseases that affect collagen fibril formation and assembly such as Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS).

  • As expressed in Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason," human understanding is structured by "concepts of the understanding" or pure categories of understanding, found prior to experience in the mind and which make outer experiences possible as counterpart to the rational faculties of the mind.
  • Thus, the debate within education between advocates of deep conceptual understanding and advocates of broad factual understanding misses the point.
  • Understanding pertechnetate is important in understanding technetium contamination in the environment and in nuclear waste management.
  • The study of intercultural communication requires intercultural understanding.
  • Query understanding is the process of inferring the intent of a search engine user by extracting semantic meaning from the searcher’s keywords.

  • We are empowered through understanding our performance and what shapes it. This allows everyone in our organization to make decisions swiftly, with understanding and certainty.
  • He died in 1911. Dilthey wants to emphasize the “intrinsic temporality of all understanding,” that man's understanding is dependent on past worldviews, interpretations, and a shared world.
  • True science for Saumarez is designed to analyse facts to arrive at the necessary historical understanding and basic or first principles which takes sense impression to understanding.
  • Tenrikyo followers vary in their understanding of this creator, from the early understanding of spirit ("kami", god/deity) through the underlying natural causality ("Tsukihi", moon-sun) and eventually to an understanding of a parental relationship between the creator and themselves ("oya", parent).
  • Although there is an obvious connection in the aid of gestures in understanding a message, "the understanding of gestures is not the same as understanding spoken language."

  • The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU) is an organisation established in 1965 to promote understanding and friendship between British and Chinese people.
  • Mar Mikhael Agreement (or Mar Mikhael Understanding or memorandum of understanding between the FPM and Hezbollah, [...]) is a memorandum of understanding signed on 6 February 2006 including their 2006 War with Israel.
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