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притисак {м} воде
water pressure
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Translation for 'water pressure' from English to Serbian

water pressure
притисак {м} водехидро.
Usage Examples English
  • Low frequency vibrations are detected by the lateral line system of sense organs that run along the length of the sides of fish, and these respond to nearby movements and to changes in water pressure.
  • On the morning of February 17 demand increased to 330 MGD, the resulting drop of water pressure caused the Austin area to enter into a boil-water advisory which would last until water pressure was restored on February 23.
  • Cavitation is more likely to occur near the surface of the ocean, where the ambient water pressure is relatively low.
  • This improves respiration after feeding and allows these animals, which use the cavity as a hydrostatic skeleton, to control the water pressure in the cavity without expelling undigested food.
  • The watches are tested in static or still water under 125% of the rated (water) pressure, thus a watch with a 200-metre rating will be water-resistant if it is stationary and under 250 metres of static water.
  • Armstrong was involved in this scheme and he proposed to Newcastle Corporation that the excess water pressure in the lower part of town could be used to power a quayside crane specially adapted by himself.
  • Water distribution systems are designed and built to provide adequate water pressure and flow rates to meet various end-user needs such as domestic use, fire suppression, and irrigation.
  • Water enters the low-lying polder through infiltration and water pressure of groundwater, or rainfall, or transport of water by rivers and canals.
  • Single baskets are sharply tapered or stepped down in diameter to provide comparable depth to the double baskets and, therefore, comparable resistance to water pressure.
  • , which is enough pressure to operate and provide for most domestic water pressure and distribution system requirements.
  • The village had the first municipal water driven hydro system in Vermont in 1884. Water pressure generated sufficient electricity for streetlights.
  • In the "water-flow analogy", sometimes used to explain electric circuits by comparing them with water-filled pipes, voltage (difference in electric potential) is likened to difference in water pressure, while current is proportional to the amount of water flowing.
  • , and is damaged by high water pressure. They start to sink, and can only reverse this by ascending uncontrollably.
  • The explosion under the target's keel would create a detonation shock wave, which could cause a ship's hull to rupture under the concussive water pressure.
  • The tank is self-supporting, with concrete backfilled against the rough-hewn stone walls to counteract water pressure when the tank is filled.
  • The fuses on such mines may incorporate one or more of the following sensors: magnetic, passive acoustic or water pressure displacement caused by the proximity of a vessel.
  • When submerged, the water pressure on a submarine's hull can reach [...] for steel submarines and up to [...] for titanium submarines like [...] , while interior pressure remains relatively unchanged.
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