Translation for 'weapon' from English to Serbian
NOUN   a weapon | weapons
SYNO arm | artillery | weapon | ...
оружје {ср}weapon
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Translation for 'weapon' from English to Serbian

оружје {ср}
Usage Examples English
  • While armour is not technically a weapon, its use was driven by weapon technology and was a driving force in weapon development.
  • An ancillary weapon (also known as a secondary weapon, auxiliary weapon, or backup weapon) is a weapon used to supplement a primary or main weapon in the event it cannot be used or is ineffective in a certain application or situation.
  • Weapon rules: Before a player can fire a weapon, they must determine if the weapon is capable of being fired.
  • The weapon modding feature was carried over from "Deus Ex" – players can modify existing guns, rifles and shotguns, but, unique to TNM, the changes will be reflected in the weapon model as well as in the weapon's functionality.
  • The weapon was originally intended as a replacement for the coaxial weapon in the American M60 tank.

  • The weapon was an implosion-type weapon.
  • The upgraded AGM-130 Mid-Course Guidance (MCG) weapon, employs an improved global positioning and inertial navigation system.
  • This included closing techniques, disarms, weapon-seizures, pommel-strikes, and weapon-aided joint-locks.
  • 1 #154 (May 2004), the Stepford Cuckoos are identified as Weapon XIV (each girl being units 1 to 5, ordered alphabetically by their first names), the living weapon code between Weapon XIII (Fantomex) and Weapon XV (Ultimaton).
  • The device was fitted inside weapon cases from the older Yellow Sun weapons.

  • A prop weapon, such as a gun or sword, can be a replica, a real weapon or a real weapon which has been modified to be non-functional.
  • Lugh's projectile weapon, whether a dart or missile, was envisioned to be symbolic of lightning-weapon.
  • Program documentation for the weapon indicates that the weapon had a circular error probable (CEP) of less than [...].
  • The weapon was designed by Umberto Onorati; very little other information about the weapon is available.
  • B54 Mod 2 – Weapon weight increased from [...] to [...]. May be a boosted weapon.

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