Translation for 'zebra finch' from English to Serbian
NOUN   a zebra finch | zebra finches
SYNO Poephila castanotis | zebra finch
зебраста зеба {ж} [Taeniopygia guttata, syn.: Poephila guttata]
zebra finch
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Translation for 'zebra finch' from English to Serbian

zebra finch
зебраста зеба {ж} [Taeniopygia guttata, syn.: Poephila guttata]орн.T
Usage Examples English
  • However, this sexual dimorphism is less pronounced than it is in songbird species like the zebra finch, where the male's syrinx is 100% larger than the female's syrinx.
  • Within avian vocal learners, for example, zebra finch songs only contain strictly linear transitions that go through different syllables in a motif from beginning to end, yet mockingbird and nightingale songs show element repetition within a range of legal repetitions, non-adjacent relationships between distant song elements, and forward and backward branching in song element transitions.
  • the Java sparrow (Lonchura oryzivora) and the zebra finch ("Taeniopygia guttata"), which is right-side dominant.
  • Continuous delayed auditory feedback in Zebra finch songbirds caused them to change their song syllable timing, indicating that DAF can change the motor program of syllable timing generation during short periods of time in zebra finches, similar to the effects observed in humans.
  • Based on lesion studies in the zebra finch, the song system can be broken into two general pathways.

  • Birds that can be seen on the Kings Canyon Rim walk include spinifex pigeon, zebra finch, grey-headed honeyeater, dusky grasswren, black-breasted buzzard and peregrine falcon.
  • The entire genome of the domestic fowl ("Gallus gallus") was sequenced in 2004, and was followed in 2008 by the genome of the zebra finch ("Taeniopygia guttata").
  • There is a theory that "Ediacara" is derived from the Adnyamathanha language name "Ithiaka-na-danha", where "Ithi" means zebra finch and "aka – na-danha" means "to come out", which is used as the name for the area in which the conservation park was located.
  • Research was conducted on birds such as the Zebra Finch because this species has parallels to humans' vocal learning patterns and neurological structures.
  • Some species of birds, such as the zebra finch and the Columbidae, use the ultraviolet wavelength 300–400 nm specific to tetrachromatic color vision as a tool during mate selection and foraging.

  • The Australian zebra finch uses an acoustic signal to communicate to embryos.
  • His lab primarily uses the zebra finch as a model system.
  • She develops computer software that simulates zebra finch song production by using thousands of finch brain scans.
  • This overexpression produced similar effects to that of knockdown; juvenile zebra finch birds were unable to accurately imitate their tutors.
  • Trapping of certain finches ceased before 1986: the yellow-rumped mannikin after 15 November 1975 because of its scarcity; the zebra finch after 15 November 1981 because sufficient numbers were sourced from breeding stocks; and the Gouldian finch after 15 November 1981 because of its decline in numbers.

  • A recent study has shown that a dopamine circuit in zebra finches may promote social learning of bird song from tutors.
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