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NOUN   a test phase | test phases
skúšobná fáza {f}test phase
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Translation for 'test phase' from English to Slovak

test phase
skúšobná fáza {f}
Usage Examples English
  • Depending on the test phase, different test principles may apply.
  • ... The flight test phase accomplishes two major tasks: 1) finding and fixing any design problems and then 2) verifying and documenting the vehicle capabilities for government certification or customer acceptance.
  • With the success of the A-17, the YA-13/XA-16 program never progressed past the test phase.
  • Over eight to ten days, the Tejas was launched and recovered several times as part of the aircraft's initial test phase.
  • This evolution gave the possibility to unify the programming and functional test phase and in production environments and to start the preliminary production of the boards even if the firmware development has not yet been completed.
  • In mid 2008, "Jane's International Defence Review" quoted the US military that the program is on schedule to meet this ground test. Phase 4 of the program, involving outdoor testing of a weapon-power laser against tactical targets, was planned for 2010.
  • In a September 1995 article in Computer Gaming World, during the beta test phase of AOL Fed, Wyatt Lee referred to Federation as “one of the wildest cyburbs in the telegaming universe”, calling it “one of the most 'real' imaginary universes you can visit”.
  • Locals are blaming low water on the newly constructed Xayaburi Dam, as it enters its test phase prior to the start of commercial operation in October 2019.
  • FedEx supplied an MD-11 and a leased 747 for the flight test phase.
  • In only 14 months the system was completed and entered its test phase.
  • On April 2 2018, the channel launched its own high-definition signal within the Bolivian digital terrestrial television system in a test phase, until April 15, when it officially began broadcasting under the Unitel HD name.
  • In June 1958 the flight test phase of the feasibility demonstration program began.
  • Discrepancies are somewhat explained by the fact that parts did exist in Birotronics inventory to make at least 20 machines, and that being in the beta test phase, the serial numbers on the assembled B90's may not have been in sequential order.
  • Rather, it complements external testing with internal self-tests that can be activated both for isolated tests and in production code during a test-phase.
  • This effect has been shown to occur in recognition memory tasks, where items studied as pictures are better remembered than items studied as words, even when targets are presented as words during the test phase.
  • In the month following depletion of coolant the 'Technology Test Phase' (TTP) was initiated to test several elements of the satellite in off-nominal conditions.
  • The test is divided into three phases: habituation, training/adaptation and test phase.
  • Saturn-Apollo 4 (SA-4) was the fourth launch of a Saturn I launch vehicle and the last of the initial test phase of the first stage. It was part of the Apollo Program.
  • The cost for this test phase was quoted at [...] , paid for by the Colorado Aviation Fund, and unanimously passed by the board of the Colorado Division of Aeronautics.
  • Dynamic verification is performed during the execution of software, and dynamically checks its behavior; it is commonly known as the Test phase.
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