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NOUN   a test signal | test signals
skúšobný signál {m}test signal
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Translation for 'test signal' from English to Slovak

test signal
skúšobný signál {m}
Usage Examples English
  • A test card, also known as a test pattern or start-up/closedown test, is a television test signal, typically broadcast at times when the transmitter is active but no program is being broadcast (often at sign-on and sign-off).
  • STIPA (Speech Transmission Index for Public Address Systems) is a version of the STI using a simplified method and test signal.
  • The 16:9 test card generated by widescreen versions of the PM5644 retains the signals present in the original, and features additional signals to test signal and picture quality, including Television lines resolution, corner circles and correct overscan and image centering.
  • Using a fully modulated beam of sunlight as a test signal, one experimental receiver design, employing only a deposit of lampblack, produced a tone that Bell described as "painfully loud" to an ear pressed close to the device.
  • Rather, a test signal containing harmonics should be used (such as the sum of at least two sines where the second sine is some harmonic (multiple) of the first sine, or better, a signal with a square or triangle waveform, as such signals provide many overtones in the spectrum.).
  • Since the late 1990s, FFT-based analysis enabled the engineer to make adjustments using pre-recorded music as the test signal, or even the music coming from the performers in real time.
  • In telecommunication, a transmission level point (TLP) is a physical test point in an electronic circuit, typically a transmission channel, where a test signal may be inserted or measured.
  • For example, assume a device with an input-referred third-order intercept point of 10 dBm is driven with a test signal of −5 dBm.
  • In telecommunication, a standard test signal is a single-frequency signal with standardized level used for testing the peak power transmission capability and for measuring the total harmonic distortion of circuits or parts of an electric circuit.
  • Net gain is measured by applying a test signal at an appropriate power level at the input port of a circuit and measuring the power delivered at the output port.
  • Conducted voltage and current susceptibility testing typically involves a high-powered signal generator, and a current clamp or other type of transformer to inject the test signal.
  • In digital telephony, the digital milliwatt is a standard test signal that serves as a reference for analog signal levels in the telecommunications network.
  • A complex-impedance antenna analyzer typically only requires a few milliwatts of power be applied to the antenna, and typically provides its own signal, not requiring any test signal from a transmitter.
  • The test signal (recorded speech) was emitted from two similar loudspeakers at locations 45° to the left and to the right in 3 m distance to the listener.
  • Another advantage is that the controlled devices can be designed to loop-back to test signal integrity.
  • Mains power and test signal cabling into the test chamber require high quality filtering.
  • The crest factor of the test signal is a fairly important issue in loudspeaker testing standards; in this context it is usually expressed in dB.
  • Depending on the configuration of the alarm system, this function will either deactivate the system's notification appliances completely or will silence only the audible signals, while strobe lights/visuals continue to operate (the latter of which is known as "audible silence").
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