Translation for 'Tephra' from English to Slovak
NOUN   tephra | -
tefra {f}
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Translation for 'Tephra' from English to Slovak

tefra {f}geol.
Usage Examples English
  • Historical and geological estimates of tephra volumes are usually obtained by mapping the distribution and thickness of tephra deposits on the ground after the eruption is over.
  • thick tephra deposit at Lago Shaman and Mallín El Embudo in the Río Cisnes valley has been attributed to the MEL2 eruption.
  • ... laser ablation ICP-MS) to measure trace-element abundances in individual tephra shards.
  • The tephra typically glows red when leaving the vent, but its surface cools and assumes a dark to black colour and may significantly solidify before impact.
  • Eruption columns form in explosive volcanic activity, when the high concentration of volatile materials in the rising magma causes it to be disrupted into fine volcanic ash and coarser tephra.

  • The earliest tephra assigned to the volcano, is the widespread on regional sea bed cores, Ata–Torihama tephra (Ata-Th) at 240,000 years before the present.
  • The Yn tephra is a geologically recent tephra deposit that covers portions of the U.S.
  • Tephra analysis has yielded evidence for many eruptions during the Pleistocene and Holocene, including two large explosive eruptions during the early and mid-Holocene.
  • The trees were uprooted or snapped off by the eruption and the amount of tephra, much like the trees caught in the 1980 eruption of Mount St.
  • The Finlay tephras are two tephra deposits in northern British Columbia, Canada.

  • It was made of roughly alternating layers of andesitic lavas and tephra (volcanic ash, breccia, and pumice) with increasing amounts of tephra with elevation.
  • After the major collapse approximately 5,000 years ago, subsequent eruptions of lava and tephra built up the modern summit cone until about as recently as 1,000 years ago.
  • A tephra identified in an ice core at Talos Dome, Antarctica, and emplaced there 3,390 years before present is compositionally similar to Reclus products.
  • Based on geochemical data, Nevado Tres Cruces has been proposed as the source of a tephra layer in the Bolson de Fiambalá [...] that has also been identified in the Tafi del Valle area and the Valles Calchaquies.
  • The Pahvant Butte volcano consists of an asymmetrical tuff cone with a breach on its southwestern side — and a platform area that extends to the southeast of the cone, formed of beds of tephra dipping steeply away from the cone, and partly concealing a mound of near horizontally-bedded sideromelane tephra beneath.

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