Translation for 'at that' from English to Slovak
navyše ...... at that
dokonca ...... at that
ba aj / i ...... at that
(ešte) k tomu ...... at that
ba ešte aj / i ...... at that
3 Words
vtedy {adv}at that time
v tej dobe {adv}at that time
v tom čase {adv}at that time
5+ Words
To (vôbec) nie je na zahodenie.That's not to be sniffed at.
Partial Matches
tá {pron} [f]that
ten {pron} [m]that
že {conj}that
kerý {pron} [západosl. reg.]that
ktorý {pron} <kt.>that
to {pron} [n]that
mať podozrenie, že suspect that ...
tvrdiť, že ... [nedok.]to contend that ...
špekulovať, že ... [nedok.]to theorize (that) ...
predstavovať si, že ... [nedok.] [ako súčasť hry]to pretend (that) ...
hlásať teóriu, že ... [nedok.]to theorize (that) ...
tak ..., žeso ... that
kvôli tomu, abyso that
preto, aby {conj}so that
vyhlasovať, že ... [nedok.]to contend that ...
taký ..., žeso ... that
dajme tomu že ...supposing (that) ...
povedzme že ...supposing (that) ...
tváriť sa, že ... [nedok.]to pretend (that) ...
robiť sa, že ... [nedok.]to pretend (that) ...
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Usage Examples English
  • It was at that time that the poem was first entitled "America".
  • The beer brewed at that time was conjectured to have been the source.
  • Hippias refused the offer and also rejected the offer of Iolcos, as Amyntas probably did not control Anthemous at that time, but was merely suggesting a plan of joint occupation to Hippias.
  • Ali ibn Abi Talib was the first child to embrace Islam, for he has not even reached the age of puberty at that time, while Abu Bakr was the first free man to embrace Islam.
  • It is believed that this text was documenting what was established practice at that time.

  • The Ainu usually hunted bear during the spring thaw. At that time, bears were weak because they had not fed at all during their long hibernation.
  • The Alemanni were first mentioned by Cassius Dio describing the campaign of Caracalla in 213. At that time, they apparently dwelt in the basin of the Main, to the south of the Chatti.
  • Gaudí carved oak doors similar to what he had done for the Casa y Bardes, but these were only included on two floors as when Segimon discovered the price, she decided there would be no more at that quality.
  • runway with tracked equipment not designed to operate in the low temperatures at that time of year, the aircraft controls had to be "jerry-rigged" when the flaps were frozen in position after landing, and instruments were not reliable because of the cold.
  • Limitation of the Zener ratio to cubic materials is waived in the Tensorial anisotropy index AT that takes into consideration all the 27 components of the fully anisotropic stiffness tensor.

  • To see the analogy, the mean vibrational displacement of each bit of drum membrane from the equilibrium point over many cycles (a measure of average drum membrane velocity and momentum at that point) must be considered relative to that point's distance from the center of the drum head.
  • He later confessed that he started using crystal methamphetamine at that time, allegedly on the urging of a friend.
  • Gide's novel "Corydon", which he considered his most important work, erects a defense of pederasty. At that time, the age of consent for any type of sexual activity was set at thirteen.
  • Lois has incorrectly stated that he was commissioned by Braniff in 1967 for representation during that year, but at that time Madison Avenue advertising doyenne Mary Wells Lawrence, who was married to Braniff's chairman and president Harding Lawrence, was representing the Dallas-based carrier at that time.
  • At that time Ueshiba referred to his martial art as "Aiki Budō".

  • However, he did not enjoy it at that age.
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