Translation for 'baby kangaroo' from English to Slovak
kengurča {n}
baby kangaroo
kengurčiatko {n}
baby kangaroo
kengurie mláďa {n}
baby kangaroo
Partial Matches
kengura {f}
klokan {m} [ľud.]
kengurí {adj}kangaroo [attr.]
Kengurí ostrov {m}
Kangaroo Island
dieťatko {n}baby
maličké {n}baby
malé {n}baby
batoľa {n}baby
bábo {n} [ľud.]baby
bábätko {n}baby
dieťa {n}baby
bobríča {n}
baby beaver
sloníča {n}
baby elephant
mladá kukurica {f}
baby corn
detský šampón {m}
baby shampoo
detský {adj}baby [attr.]
hrkálka {f}
(baby) rattle
detská výživa {f}
baby food
detský zásyp {m}
baby powder
detská sedačka {f}
baby seat
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Usage Examples English
  • The Wonder Pets travel to Australia in the Outback to help a baby kangaroo find his mother before it gets dark.
  • Sylvester mistakes Hippety Hopper once again for a giant mouse and the baby kangaroo promptly beats the cat soundly.
  • In several "Looney Tunes"/"Merrie Melodies" cartoons, Sylvester the Cat is beaten up by Hippety Hopper the baby kangaroo, who always accomplishes this feat after escaping from the captivity of humans who have attempted to take him to a zoo in assorted American cities and whom Sylvester believes to be a giant mouse.
  • Perhaps Sylvester's most developed role is in a series of Robert McKimson-directed shorts, in which the character is a hapless mouse-catching instructor to his dubious son, Sylvester Junior, with the "mouse" being a powerful baby kangaroo named Hippety Hopper which he constantly mistakes for a "giant mouse".
  • Bugs winds up in the Australian Outback, where he is switched with a baby kangaroo and has to deal with an aborigine hunter.

  • When they arrive, they notice that there is no longer a baby kangaroo and are disappointed.
  • Donald Duck adopts a baby kangaroo and tries to give him take a bath.
  • Billy is a boy who is trying to save a baby kangaroo called Joey after its family is captured and taken to Sydney.
  • But by the time the cats are ready to pounce on the baby kangaroo-mistaken-for-a-giant-mouse, Hippety is back in the city zoo truck and very happy with his new toy.
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