Translation for 'even' from English to Slovak
ADJ   even | more even / evener | most even / evenest
NOUN   even | evens
VERB   to even | evened | evened
evening | evens
SYNO eve | even | evening | ...
ešte ajeven
ba dokoncaeven
vyrovnaný {adj}even
vyvážený {adj}even
rovnomerný {adj}even
ešte [dokonca: v porovnávaní]even
párny {adj}
plochý {adj}even [flat]
rovný {adj}even [level]
zarovnaný {adj}even [level]
2 Words: Others
čo i {conj} [zast.] [al. kniž.](even) though
čo aj {conj} [zast.] [al. kniž.](even) though
čopriam {conj} [zast.] [al. kniž.](even) though
čo priam {conj} [zast.] [al. kniž.](even) though
čo hneď {conj} [zast.] [al. kniž.](even) though
aj kebyeven if
čo i {conj} [zast.] [al. kniž.]even if
čopriam {conj} [zast.] [al. kniž.]even if
čo priam {conj} [zast.] [al. kniž.]even if
čo hneď {conj} [zast.] [al. kniž.]even if
ešte menejeven less
ešte viaceven more
dokonca aj teraz {adv}even now
hoci {conj}even though
aj keď {conj}even though
napriek tomu, že {conj}even though
pokojný {adj}even-tempered
vyrovnaný {adj}even-tempered
Sme si kvit. [ľud.]We're even. [coll.]
2 Words: Nouns
párne číslo {n}
even number
3 Words: Verbs
byť si kvit s n-ým [nedok.] [ľud.]to be even with sb. [coll.]
vyrovnať si s n-ým účty [dok.]to get even with sb.
porátať sa s n-ým [dok.] [zast.]to get even with sb.
Taxa/Species (Animals, Plants, Fungi)
párnokopytník {m}
even-toed ungulate
párnokopytníky {pl}
even-toed ungulates [Artiodactyla]
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Usage Examples English
  • Nucleophilic attack is preferred on even-numbered polyenes (even hapticity).
  • The product of any two even natural numbers is also even.
  • The law works best for nuclei with even atomic number and even atomic mass. The trend is still there for even-odd, odd-even, and odd-odd nuclei but is not as pronounced.
  • Later writers took even more freedom, some even including allegory and metaphor in their texts.
  • When the mixed graph is not even and the nodes do not all have even degree, the graph can be transformed into an even graph.

  • Not long after, the VR changed to the odd/even system, odd for goods, even for passenger. Thes locomotives were renumbered 2-10 (even only). Classed 'J' in 1886.
  • A function's being odd or even does not imply differentiability, or even continuity. For example, the Dirichlet function is even, but is nowhere continuous.
  • The motive for such bidding is to keep the company's skilled labour employed, even if the project only breaks even or makes a loss. or even insolvency on the part of the contractor.
  • When any of the orders mk is even, the product is even and thus the only way Sk turns out integer is when all mk are even.
  • He forbade the shaving of beards, even using scissors or depilatory cream. He even refused to speak with a "talmid chacham" who did not have a beard, even if the discussion concerned the Talmud.

  • This can include further development of management, plants, marketing, and possibly even additional products.
  • The preference even "Z" even "N" divisions is interpreted as the preservation of superfluidity during the descent from saddle to scission.
  • It follows that [...] has 2 as a factor and therefore is even, so the sum of any two even integers is even.
  • 1. The idea is to pick A ∈ EVEN and B ∉ EVEN, where EVEN is the class of all structures of even size.
  • Ambrosia should be obtained even from poison; gold must be taken even if it lies in filth; knowledge has to be received even from a person of lower social status; a woman of beauty and character should be accepted even if she is from a fallen family.

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