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 Translation for 'habit' from English to Slovak
NOUN   a habit | habits
VERB   to habit | habited | habited
habiting | habits
SYNO drug abuse | habit | riding habit | ...
obyčaj {f}habit
zvyk {m}habit
návyk {m}habit
2 Words
zlozvyk {m}bad habit
3 Words
osvojiť si zvyk [dok.]to acquire a habit
sila {f} zvykuforce of habit
4 Words
Zvyk je železná košeľa.
Habit is second nature.
5+ Words
mať vo zvyku robiť n-čo [nedok.]to be in the habit of doing sth.
mať vo zvyku robiť n-čo [nedok.]to make a habit of doing sth.
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  • habit {m} [mníšske rúcho] = frock
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Usage Examples English
  • Research on habit formation generally suggests an individual can acquire a new habit on average over 66 days.
  • Rough Habit, a bay gelding with a distinctive white blaze trailing over his near-side nostril, was foaled on 2 December 1986.
  • A crystal growing in a magma adopts a habit (see crystallography) which best reflects its environment and cooling rate.
  • Passive synthesis is exemplified by habit. Habit incarnates the past (and gestures to the future) in the present by transforming the weight of experience into an urgency.
  • Members of the Académie française wear the "habit vert" (green habit) at the Académie's ceremonies.

  • The riding habit worn by women riding sidesaddle originally was similar to clothing worn in everyday life.
  • The habit of Pentoxylales is uncertain. They have been suggested to have been small trees. Their liana-like anatomy has also led to suggestions of a habit similar to that of brambles.
  • The scarceness of habit function leads to the difficulty in formal estimation.
  • In some Byzantine monastic practices, two levels of fully professed monk or nun exist: those of the "little habit" and those other of the "great habit", these being more senior and not having to do manual labor.
  • Many people from various countries across the world have the habit, although most of the countries that have the habit of eating clay never admit it.

  • Acicular, in mineralogy, refers to a crystal habit composed of slender, needle-like crystals. Crystals with this habit tend to be fragile. Complete, undamaged acicular specimens are uncommon.
  • Ned tries to fix his bad habit of saying yes to everyone; Moze tries to fix her habit of trash-talking; Cookie tries to replace his technology hoarding habit with something else.
  • Research indicates declarative and habit memory compete with each other during distraction [...]. When in doubt, the brain chooses habit memory because it is automatic.
  • As a shrub [...] high with a subglobose, not entirely spherical, laterally compressed, flattened on a side habit; it has a diameter ranging from [...]. Overall it resembles a bottle-shape in habit.
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