Translation for 'away' from English to Spanish
NOUN   an away | aways
ausente {adj}away [absent]
2 Words: Others
{prep} [distancia](away) from
lejos {adv}far (away)
¡Va jalando! [col.] [cent.]Go away!
enseguida {adv}right away
inmediatamente {adv}right away
al toque {adv} [col.] [Perú]right away
enseguida {adv}straight away
2 Words: Verbs
fréir a-algn/algo a tiros [col.] [locución]to blow sb./sth. away [coll.] [idiom] [shoot dead]
separarseto break away
descolgarseto break away
tirar algo [por el váter]to flush sth. (away) [down a toilet]
delatar a-algn/algoto give sb./sth. away
irseto go away
darse el piro [irse] [esp.] [Madrid] [col.]to go away
marcharseto go away [leave, depart]
alejarseto move away [distance oneself]
apartar a-algn/algo empujandoto push sb./sth. away
apartar algo con una patadato push sth. away
guardar algo [poner en un lugar]to put sth. away [store]
podrirseto rot (away)
esfumarse [esp.] [Madrid] [col.]to run away
huirto run away [flee]
oxear algo [aves domésticas o caza]to shoo away sth. [domestic birds or game]
ahuyentar a-algn/algoto shoo sb./sth. away
llevarse en camilla a algnto stretcher sb. away
quitar algoto take sth. away
restar algo [sustraer]
to take sth. away [subtract]
irseto walk away
desgastar algoto wear sth. away
escabullirse [también fig.: escaparse]to wriggle away [also fig.: escape]
3 Words: Others
donde el diablo dio las tres voces y nadie le oyó {adv} [carib.] [Cuba]very far away
3 Words: Verbs
zafarse de algn/algoto get away from sb./sth.
apartarse de algoto move away from sth.
darse a la fuga [col.]to run away / off [flee]
rehuir algoto shy away from sth.
botar algo [am.]to throw sth. out / away
apartar a-algn/algo de algoto urge sb./sth. away from sth.
4 Words: Verbs
estar a años luz de distanciato be light years away
fugarse de casato run away from home
apartar la carato turn one's face away
5+ Words: Others
incluso de lejos {adv}even from a long way away
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Translation for 'away' from English to Spanish

away [absent]
ausente {adj}

(away) from
{prep} [distancia]
far (away)
lejos {adv}
Go away!
¡Va jalando! [col.] [cent.]
right away
enseguida {adv}

inmediatamente {adv}

al toque {adv} [col.] [Perú]
straight away
enseguida {adv}

to blow sb./sth. away [coll.] [idiom] [shoot dead]
fréir a-algn/algo a tiros [col.] [locución]
to break away

to flush sth. (away) [down a toilet]
tirar algo [por el váter]
to give sb./sth. away
delatar a-algn/algo
to go away

darse el piro [irse] [esp.] [Madrid] [col.]
to go away [leave, depart]
to move away [distance oneself]
to push sb./sth. away
apartar a-algn/algo empujando
to push sth. away
apartar algo con una patada
to put sth. away [store]
guardar algo [poner en un lugar]
to rot (away)
to run away
esfumarse [esp.] [Madrid] [col.]
to run away [flee]
to shoo away sth. [domestic birds or game]
oxear algo [aves domésticas o caza]
to shoo sb./sth. away
ahuyentar a-algn/algo
to stretcher sb. away
llevarse en camilla a algn
to take sth. away
quitar algo
to take sth. away [subtract]
restar algo [sustraer]mat.
to walk away
to wear sth. away
desgastar algo
to wriggle away [also fig.: escape]
escabullirse [también fig.: escaparse]

very far away
donde el diablo dio las tres voces y nadie le oyó {adv} [carib.] [Cuba]

to get away from sb./sth.
zafarse de algn/algo
to move away from sth.
apartarse de algo
to run away / off [flee]
darse a la fuga [col.]
to shy away from sth.
rehuir algo
to throw sth. out / away
botar algo [am.]
to urge sb./sth. away from sth.
apartar a-algn/algo de algo

to be light years away
estar a años luz de distancia
to run away from home
fugarse de casa
to turn one's face away
apartar la cara

even from a long way away
incluso de lejos {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • The taluks that are located nearby Rithora are Bithiri Chainpur at 16 km away, Bhojipura at 11 km away and Bhuta at 22 km away.
  • Nearest Airport is at Pathankot (Punjab) - 27 km away.
  • Away o'er the waters away and away!
  • Kuppepdavu, is a small town in Karnataka, India, 27 km away from Mangalore city and 340 km away from its State Capital City Bangalore.
  • The town is situated 12 kilometres away from Rangpo, 9 kilometres away from Rhenock, 14 kilometres away from Rongli, and 19 kilometres away from the Subdivision Headquarter Pakyong.

  • Near the dunes of Erg Chebbi there are other known villages: Hassilabied [...] away, Tanamoust [...] away, Takoujt [...] away, Khamlia [...] away and Tisserdmine [...] away.
  • Mina Vad is situated [...] away from Kham-e Vorsa, [...] away from Aylaq-i-Wundak, [...] away from Khevaj and [...] away from Mizak.
  • Langar is situated [...] away from Romanit, [...] away from Darshay, [...] away from Sar Shkhawr and [...] away from Shkhawr.
  • Kushgag is situated [...] away from Kitep, [...] away from Kyip, [...] away from Pular and [...] away from Ilah.
  • The nearest town is Szerencs [...] away. Neighbouring villages are Golop [...] away, Legyesbénye [...] away and Tállya [...] away.

  • The closest civilian airports are those of Metz-Nancy-Lorraine [...] away, Luxembourg [...] away and Strasbourg [...] away.
  • The nearest railway stations are at Montrose, [...] away, Laurencekirk, [...] away and Stonehaven, [...] away.
  • Nearest towns are Ostuni - [...] away, San Vito dei Normanni - [...] away, and San Michele Salentino - [...] away.
  • ] away), Prescott Regional Airport ([...] away), Grand Canyon National Park Airport ([...] away), and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport ([...] away).
  • The nearest airports are Ayodhya, [...] away, Amausi in Lucknow, [...] away, Allahabad, [...] away.

  • It is [...] away from Manila, [...] away from Laoag City, and [...] away from San Fernando, La Union, the regional capital of Ilocos Region.
  • Closest local settlements are Velgatoor and Charlapalli, both around [...] away and Dharmaram [...] away. The state's main city of Hyderabad is just under [...] away.
  • India. It is connected through a coastal highway (Sagari Mahamarg) [...] away from Alibag, [...] away from Mumbai, 37km away from Roha and 33km away from Murud.
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