Translation for 'capillarity' from English to Spanish
NOUN   capillarity | capillarities
SYNO capillarity | capillary action
capilaridad {f}
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Translation for 'capillarity' from English to Spanish

capilaridad {f}fís.
Usage Examples English
  • Archimedes' principle does not consider the surface tension (capillarity) acting on the body, but this additional force modifies only the amount of fluid displaced and the spatial distribution of the displacement, so the principle that "buoyancy = weight of displaced fluid" remains valid.
  • Currently the PRF has over four hundred patrol posts in the most diverse Brazilian municipalities, providing a capillarity to the structure of the agency that few national institutions possess.
  • This means that gravity is considered to be preponderant over the other forces acting on the hull (viscosity, capillarity, cavitation, compressibility, etc.).
  • Albert Einstein's first paper, which was submitted to "Annalen der Physik" in 1900, was on capillarity.
  • Important parameters are the topography, thicknesses of soil / rock layers and their horizontal/vertical hydraulic conductivity (permeability for water), aquifer transmissivity and resistance, aquifer porosity and storage coefficient, as well as the capillarity of the unsaturated zone.

  • drain" (short for Bob Morris) was his own application of the principle of capillarity in the form of a small wick drain enclosed in a waterproof covering, applied in closing septic wounds.
  • In 1957 John Philip introduced the term sorptivity and defined it as "a measure of the capacity of the medium to absorb or desorb liquid by capillarity".
  • In the unsaturated ("vadose") zone, the pore pressure is determined by capillarity and is also referred to as tension, suction, or matric pressure.
  • Between 1658 and 1661 Thévenot conducted experiments on capillarity and the siphon.
  • Water moves in soil under the influence of gravity, osmosis and capillarity.

  • Volume 2 deals with capillarity. Volumes 3 and 4 deal with electrostatics and magnetostatics.
  • The wick's capillarity determines the rate at which the melted hydrocarbon is conveyed to the flame.
  • Rico-Guevara, in collaboration with Margaret Rubega, commented on the capillarity model and suggested that the tongue acts as a fluid trap.
  • The establishment of the XI Carabinieri Mechanized Brigade was controversial: some senior officers criticized the decision, deeming that the essential features of the Carabinieri were capillarity and focus on criminal police activity.
  • This is somewhat similar to the situation with Washburn's equation, which describes the capillarity-driven flow of a liquid in a thin tube.

  • He gained international recognition first by his innovative work on capillarity, then by his refined experimental methods and extensive field studies in gravity.
  • Elasto-capillarity is the ability of capillary force to deform an elastic material.
  • Archimedes' principle does not consider the surface tension (capillarity) acting on the body. Moreover, Archimedes' principle has been found to break down in complex fluids.
  • One of the theories for determining the separation time is shown below; however, while this theory produces theoretical data that matches with the experimental data, detachment due to capillarity is accepted as a better explanation.
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