Translation for 'whirlpool' from English to Spanish
NOUN   a whirlpool | whirlpools
SYNO maelstrom | to eddy | to purl | ...
vorágine {f} [remolino de agua]
bañera {f} de hidromasajewhirlpool [bath]
piscina {f} de hidromasajewhirlpool [bath]
remolino {m}whirlpool [vortex]
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Usage Examples English
  • 1920: A father and son drowned when a whirlpool overturned their boat.
  • Whirlpools are an ancient maritime fear. According to the myth, a tidal whirlpool can sink...
  • When the countdown reaches zero, the whirlpool starts anew, and the Q Continuum is pulled into it without a fight.
  • In the process of brewing beer, trub is the term used for the material, along with hop debris, left in the whirlpool or hopback after the wort has been boiled then transferred and cooled.
  • The name, "Vortis" was named in 1997 (see below), and it was explained as a combination of Italian "Vor"tice" (meaning whirlpool, after the famous Naruto whirlpool in Naruto Strait).

  • It is believed that the cove that contains the springs was formed by a whirlpool caused by the Bonneville Flood around 15,000 years ago.
  • Smith's tank models for manufactured housing do not provide coverage if a whirlpool or hot tub is connected.
  • The word "bhaunri" means "the whirlpool". Whirlpool is the force that never allows any object to stay afloat. Whatever comes close to the whirlpool has to sink.
  • These include the Grey Dogs between Scarba and Lunga and the Gulf of Corryvreckan, between Scarba and Jura in which is located the infamous Corryvreckan whirlpool, which is the third-largest whirlpool in the world.
  • The name Jurdab is believed to have originated from the Persian word گرداب (Ger-dab) meaning whirlpool.

  • In the locality (now known as Clifton) was a hazardous whirlpool called 'Kalachi jo Kun', meaning the 'Vortex of Kalachi'.
  • The Niagara Whirlpool is a natural whirlpool within the Niagara River located along the Canada–U.S.
  • The whirlpool is caused by local bathymetry and a [...] tidal range where waters exchange between Passamaquoddy Bay and the Bay of Fundy, combined with the topography of the location's sea floor at the confluence of the numerous local currents through channels and over small sea mounts.
  • Historically, a large whirlpool known as the Spinning Wheel or the Witch's Kettle existed on Green Creek approximately [...] south of Rohrsburg.
  • However, there was also the danger to seamen of being engulfed by the whirlpool when it submerged, [...] and this whirlpool was compared to Norway's famed Moskstraumen often known as "the Maelstrom".

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