Translation for 'azimuthal' from English to Swedish
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azimutalt kvanttal {n} <l>
azimuthal quantum number
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Translation for 'azimuthal' from English to Swedish

azimuthal quantum number
azimutalt kvanttal {n} <l>fys.
Usage Examples English
  • Researchers in structural geology use the Lambert azimuthal projection to plot lineation and foliation in rocks, slickensides in faults, and other linear and planar features.
  • Generally any cyclone based on its size and intensity has different instability dynamics. The most unstable azimuthal wavenumber is higher for bigger cyclones .
  • Initially Wikipedia's own star charts were produced by PP3. PP3 generates maps in the azimuthal equidistant projection.
  • Because the inclination of the star's axial tilt is unknown, this means that the azimuthal equatorial velocity is at least this amount and possibly higher.
  • Around the same time that the azimuthal quadrant was designed, Tycho also gave Hainzel a portable astronomical sextant for measuring the angle between stars.

  • The azimuthal equidistant projection is an azimuthal map projection.
  • The stereographic projection, also known as the planisphere projection or the azimuthal conformal projection, is a conformal map projection whose use dates back to antiquity.
  • The instrument is rotated along the viewing axis leading to the measurement of the azimuthal distribution of the scattered X-ray photons which gives information on polarisation.
  • As a byproduct of the expansion in the divergent magnetic nozzle, part of the kinetic energy of ions is directed in the radial and azimuthal directions.
  • Shape of orbital is also given by azimuthal quantum number.

  • Most 2D surveillance radars use a spoiled parabolic antenna with a narrow azimuthal beamwidth and wide vertical beamwidth.
  • The Wiechel projection is an azimuthal, equal-area map projection, and a novelty map presented by William H.
  • The azimuthal angle affects the geometry and intensity of RHEED patterns.
  • Elliptic flow describes the azimuthal momentum space anisotropy of particle emission from non-central heavy-ion collisions in the plane transverse to the beam direction, and is defined as the second harmonic coefficient of the azimuthal Fourier decomposition of the momentum distribution.
  • A related concept is "azimuthal polarization", in which the polarization vector is tangential to the beam.

  • ([...] the azimuthal quantum number related to the angular momentum operator), the eigenenergies and the wave function behaviour obtained are different from the real solution.
  • Note that the radial component of the velocity is zero and that the axial and azimuthal components depend only on [...].
  • Again, since there is no acceleration in the radial direction due to displacements in either of the azimuthal directions, the other azimuthal terms are zero: [...].
  • Here [...] is the orbital angular momentum, [...] , [...] , and [...] are the principal, azimuthal, and magnetic quantum numbers respectively.
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