Translation for 'back door' from English to Swedish
NOUN   a back door | back doors
SYNO back door | backdoor | back entrance
bakdörr {u}
back door
bakväg {u} [bildl.]back door [fig.]
Partial Matches
dörrknackning {u}
door-to-door selling
dörr {u}door
dörrstopp {u}door stopper
skjutdörr {u}sliding door
ytterdörr {u}front door
järndörr {u}iron door
dörrkarm {u}door frame
dörrkarm {u}door casing
dörrhandtag {n}door handle
köksdörr {u}kitchen door
celldörr {u}cell door
roterdörr {u}revolving door
ugnslucka {u}oven door
kattlucka {u}cat door
sceningång {u}
stage door
fallucka {u} [bildl.] [fallgrop, fälla]trap-door
dörrbeslag {n}door mounting
kyrkport {u}church door
kattlucka {u}kitty door [Am.]
stängt möte {n}
closed-door meeting
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Usage Examples English
  • The documentary "Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace" (2009) credits Carter's efforts at Camp David, which brought peace between Israel and Egypt, with bringing the only meaningful peace to the Middle East.
  • The Apollo 11 landing is referenced in the songs "Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins" by The Byrds on the 1969 album "Ballad of Easy Rider" and "Coon on the Moon" by Howlin' Wolf on the 1973 album "The Back Door Wolf".
  • A new chapter in peace was ignited, when it was suddenly declared that a back-door peace settlement over ceasing the cross-border firing across LOC was signed between the armies of both sides, and a steady growth in the countries' coming together was observed.
  • Karel's friend Raoul forces open the back door and children scatter in all directions.
  • Meanwhile, the homes of Will (190 West 6th Street) and Sean (259 E Street), while some distance apart in the movie, actually back up to each other on Bowen Street, the narrow street Chuckie drives down to walk up to Will's back door.

  • With the house on fire, Nate Champion signed his journal entry and put the journal in his pocket before he emerged, running from the back door with a Colt Revolver in the left hand and a Winchester rifle in the right.
  • That entire section of country bordering on the Potomac and Monongahela rivers was known as the back door of the Revolution.
  • Phillips, in conjunction with Jules Williams and Back Door Productions, co-produced the Sky Arts series "Living The Life" which ran for three series, ending in 2013.
  • The mechanism has a wooden casing with a front and a back door, both containing inscriptions.
  • On the Empress's orders, a police investigation commenced and traces of blood were discovered on the steps to the back door of the Yusupov Palace.

  • Nate Champion signed his journal entry and put it in his pocket before running from the back door with a six-shooter in one hand and either a knife or a rifle in the other.
  • In response to the revelations BlackBerry officials stated that "It is not for us to comment on media reports regarding alleged government surveillance of telecommunications traffic" and added that a "back door pipeline" to their platform had not been established and did not exist.
  • A pitch passing outside the front of the strike zone but curving so as to enter this volume farther back (without being hit) is called a "back-door strike".
  • However, his resignation was part of a "back door deal," brokered by Hara Takashi to alternate power between Saionji and Hara.
  • Blake told her to follow city rules and enter the bus again from the back door.

  • Traditionally, a good funeral (as they were called) had one draw the curtains for a period of time; at the wake, when new visitors arrived, they would enter from the front door and leave through the back door.
  • The back door of the hearse closes to reveal the name of the funeral home: Willoughby & Son.
  • This criterion provides an algorithmic solution to Simpson's second paradox, and explains why the correct interpretation cannot be determined by data alone; two different graphs, both compatible with the data, may dictate two different back-door criteria.
  • Brzezinski appeared as himself in several documentary films and TV series, such as: the 1997 film "Eternal Memory: Voices from the Great Terror", directed by David Pultz; Episodes 17 ("Good Guys, Bad Guys"), 19 ("Freeze") and 20 ("Soldiers of God") of the 1998 CNN series "Cold War" produced by Jeremy Isaacs; the 2009 documentary "Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace"; and the 2014 Polish biographical film "Strateg" ("The Strategist") directed by Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska and produced by TVN.
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