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Þtókst!It worked!
Þetta tókst!It worked!
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Translation for 'It worked' from English to Icelandic

It worked!
Það tókst!

Þetta tókst!
Usage Examples English
  • And suddenly it worked." The book covers Orton and Halliwell vandalised have since become a valued part of the Islington Local History Centre collection.
  • Though it worked correctly, the method imposed a huge performance penalty.
  • Unlike Mesmer, who claimed that hypnosis was mediated by "animal magnetism", Faria understood that it worked purely by the power of suggestion.
  • The IIA was the first intergovernmental organization to deal with the problems and challenges of agriculture on a global scale. It worked primarily to collect, compile, and publish data on agriculture, ranging from output statistics to a catalog of crop diseases.
  • Fortunately it worked out, and I’ll be forever grateful to Carlton for the start they gave me in coaching".
  • An early calorimeter was that used by Laplace and Lavoisier, as shown in the figure above. It worked at constant temperature, and at atmospheric pressure.
  • While working there, he became familiar with arcade electro-mechanical games such as Chicago Coin's racing game "Speedway" (1969), watching customers play and helping to maintain the machinery while learning how it worked, developing his understanding of how the game business operates.
  • Some early programming languages, notably Lisp (1958) and COBOL (1959), addressed this problem by allowing a hyphen ("-") to be used between words of compound identifiers, as in "END-OF-FILE": Lisp because it worked well with prefix notation (a Lisp parser would not treat a hyphen in the middle of a symbol as a subtraction operator) and COBOL because its operators were individual English words.
  • also taught him to take things apart and before long he was taking "everything in his house apart to see how it worked".
  • In an archival interview, Noll described his relationship with Bradshaw as "professional" and "business-like" and that his personality needed to conform with the team, adding, "it worked, even if Bradshaw didn't like it."
  • The Association of Arab Orchestra of the City of Tunis began its activities at the end of April 1982, as a workshop linked to the cultural center of the city. It worked on promoting Arab music, on music education and training, and on cooperation with various partners both in Tunisia and abroad.
  • In the 1900s, the Dow halted its momentum as it worked its way through two financial crises: the Panic of 1901 and the Panic of 1907.
  • Alexander Strong invented the algorithm, and Kevin Karplus did the first analysis of how it worked.
  • In 1886, Edison found a way to improve a Bell Telephone microphone, one that used loose-contact ground carbon, with his discovery that it worked far better if the carbon was roasted.
  • he stated this helped him add more complex chords to the basic blues played by Hooker and said, "it worked".
  • Highways (totaling 130,000 km) were critical to China's economic growth as it worked to mitigate a poor distribution network and authorities sought to spur economic activity directly.
  • Another device, called an electrostencil machine, sometimes was used to make mimeo stencils from a typed or printed original. It worked by scanning the original on a rotating drum with a moving optical head and burning through the blank stencil with an electric spark in the places where the optical head detected ink.
  • The way it worked was similar to the Perkins steam gun of 1824 or the Beningfield electrolysis gun of 1845 only slow-burning gunpowder was used as the propelling force in place of steam or the gases produced by electrolysis.
  • A precursor to the modern laser microphone, it worked by using a low-power infrared beam from a distance to detect sound vibrations in glass windows.
  • The NCR facility in Wichita, Kansas is widely thought to have developed the industry's first SCSI controller chip; it worked the first time.
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