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NOUN   Taurus | Tauruses
SYNO Bull | Taurus | Taurus the Bull
Nautið {hv}
Taurus <♉>
nautsmerki {hv}
Taurus <♉>
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Translation for 'Taurus' from English to Icelandic

Taurus <♉>
Nautið {hv}dulsp.stjörnfr.

nautsmerki {hv}dulsp.stjörnfr.
Usage Examples English
  • The Adaptaur is a tropically-adapted Bos taurus beef cattle breed which was developed in Australia in the 1950s from crosses between Herefords and Shorthorns.
  • The scientific name is "Bos primigenius f. taurus".
  • Hosts include "Bos taurus" and "Bubalus bubalis".
  • The genetics of the already endangered species as a whole are poorly studied, however during a recent effort results suggested a genetic relationship between Mediterranean sand tiger sharks and those from the Western Indian Ocean ("Carcharias taurus tricuspidatus").
  • Beef is the culinary name for meat from cattle ("Bos taurus").
  • Both are foremost active at night and prey on white-tailed deer ("Odocoileus virginianus"), collared peccary ("Dicotyles tajacu") and cattle calves ("Bos taurus").
  • Taur, bull, the instrument of the martyrdom of Saint Sernin, derives from Latin taurus, and is cognate with Standard French taureau.
  • "Bartonella chomelii" is a Gram-negative, oxidase- and catalase-negative bacteria from the genus "Bartonella" with a unipolar flagellum which was isolated from a domestic cattle (Bos taurus).
  • Turano-Mongolian cattle are a subgroup of domestic cattle, "Bos primigenius" forma "taurus", and as such often called the "Bos taurus turano-mongolicus" group.
  • The toponym Torello most likely derives from the Latin word 'Torus", meaning small hill or mountain, and therefore with no relation with "taurus" (bull).
  • "Onthophagus taurus", the taurus scarab, is a species of dung beetle in the genus "Onthophagus" and the family Scarabaeidae.
  • The only pure African taurine breeds ("Bos taurus africanus") remaining are the N'Dama, Kuri and some varieties of the West African Shorthorn.
  • Results of genetic research indicate that the modern taurine cattle ("Bos taurus") arose from 80 aurochs tamed in southeastern Anatolia and northern Syria about 10,500 years ago.
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