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NOUN   a fall | falls
VERB   to fall | fell | fallen
falling | falls
SYNO autumn | capitulation | crepuscle | ...
fallato fall
detta [hrapa, missa fótanna]to fall
haust {hv}fall [Am.]
fall {hv} [hrun]fall [collapse]
hrap {hv}fall [plunge]
2 Words: Others
í fyrrahaust {adv}last fall
2 Words: Verbs
sofnato fall asleep
verða aftur úrto fall behind
dragast aftur úrto fall behind
fara um kollto fall down
falla um kollto fall flat
pompato fall headlong
veikjastto fall ill
verða veikurto fall ill
fara um kollto fall over
velta um kollto fall over
falla um e-ðto fall over sth.
falla fyrir borðto fall overboard
falla útbyrðis
to fall overboard
þagnato fall quiet
þagnato fall silent
falla undir e-ðto fall under sth.
2 Words: Nouns
verðlækkun {kv}
price fall
3 Words: Verbs
draga úr fallito break a fall
falla endilangurto fall full length
endastingastto fall head first
fella hugi samanto fall in love
falla í verði
to fall in price
hrörnato fall into decay
falla í gleymskuto fall into oblivion
falla aftur á bakto fall over backwards
missa fótannato stumble and fall
detta [missa fótanna]to stumble and fall
unverified verða fótaskortur [e-m verður fótaskortur]to stumble and fall
3 Words: Nouns
verðhrun {hv}
fall in prices
verðrýrnun {kv}
fall in value
fallhraði {k}rate of fall
4 Words: Verbs
fá ást á e-mto fall in love with sb.
fella ástarhug til e-sto fall in love with sb.
falla fyrir e-m/e-uto fall in love with sb./sth.
falla fram á ásjónu sýnato fall on one's face
hrapa fyrir björgto fall over a cliff
falla til sjávarto fall to the sea
pompato fall with a splash
koma hart niðurto have a hard fall
4 Words: Nouns
verðfall {hv}
sharp fall in prices
verðhrun {hv}
sharp fall in prices
5+ Words: Verbs
falla undir e-ðto fall into the category of sth.
detta aftur af e-uto fall off the back of sth.
falla í ónáðto fall out of favor / favour
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Translation for 'fall' from English to Icelandic

to fall
að falla

að detta [hrapa, missa fótanna]

fall [Am.]
haust {hv}
fall [collapse]
fall {hv} [hrun]
fall [plunge]
hrap {hv}

last fall
í fyrrahaust {adv}

to fall asleep
að sofna
to fall behind
að verða aftur úr

að dragast aftur úr
to fall down
að fara um koll
to fall flat
að falla um koll
to fall headlong
að pompa
to fall ill
að veikjast

að verða veikur
to fall over
að fara um koll

að velta um koll
to fall over sth.
að falla um e-ð
to fall overboard
að falla fyrir borð

að falla útbyrðisskip
to fall quiet
að þagna
to fall silent
að þagna
to fall under sth.
að falla undir e-ð

price fall
verðlækkun {kv}viðsk.

to break a fall
að draga úr falli
to fall full length
að falla endilangur
to fall head first
að endastingast
to fall in love
að fella hugi saman
to fall in price
að falla í verðiviðsk.
to fall into decay
að hrörna
to fall into oblivion
að falla í gleymsku
to fall over backwards
að falla aftur á bak
to stumble and fall
að missa fótanna

að detta [missa fótanna]

unverified að verða fótaskortur [e-m verður fótaskortur]

fall in prices
verðhrun {hv}viðsk.
fall in value
verðrýrnun {kv}hagkerfi
rate of fall
fallhraði {k}

to fall in love with sb.
að fá ást á e-m

að fella ástarhug til e-s
to fall in love with sb./sth.
að falla fyrir e-m/e-u
to fall on one's face
að falla fram á ásjónu sýna
to fall over a cliff
að hrapa fyrir björg
to fall to the sea
að falla til sjávar
to fall with a splash
að pompa
to have a hard fall
að koma hart niður

sharp fall in prices
verðfall {hv}viðsk.

verðhrun {hv}viðsk.

to fall into the category of sth.
að falla undir e-ð
to fall off the back of sth.
að detta aftur af e-u
to fall out of favor / favour
að falla í ónáð
Usage Examples English
  • The yearly rain fall of Réthoville is about 435 mm.
  • Humjune Geo (fall 2013 Campus reporter), Elizabeth Harris (fall 2013 Campus reporter), Abbie Jennings (fall 2013 Campus reporter) and Lauren Romero (fall 2013 Campus editor) won a Society of Professional Journalists' Mark of Excellence Award for the November 2013 article “UC Workers Refuse to be Silenced” as finalists in breaking news reporting by a non daily student newspaper.
  • Clemson went 14–0 in the fall 2003 for the best winning percentage ever for the Fall Season. Clemson won 19 games In the fall of 2004 for the most ever in the Fall Season.
  • On July 27, it was announced that Monmouth would cancel its fall sports seasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Playing fall sports, including football, in the fall has not been ruled out.
  • Fall arrest is the form of fall protection which involves the safe stopping of a person already falling.
  • During the team men competition, Manuel Fettner managed not to fall before the fall line. His right ski got detached but he managed to keep the balance until the fall line.
  • In the fall of 2014, Gott played for the Mesa Solar Sox in the Arizona Fall League.
  • And comes that other fall we name the fall.
  • For the 2020–2021 school year, the WIAA created the Alternate Fall season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing schools to opt to field all/some fall sports to the Alternate Fall season, occurring between the typical winter and spring seasons.
  • Liril Fall: Situated between Ramgarh and Chutupallu, it looks like the fall from the old Liril soap advertisement. It is popularly known as Liril Fall.
  • Fall arrest is of two major types: general fall arrest, such as nets; and personal fall arrest, such as lifelines.
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